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Here you will find many of the most common herbs used for healing, culinary (cooking), aromatherapy, spiritual practices and ornamentals. This list will continue to grow so do come and visit often. The best tested variety of herbs will be shown first, as it will help most people heal naturally without the use of harsher (and often more harmful) chemical compounds and pharmaceutical drugs. You can find many of these herbs as raw herbs (in bulk), organic, wild-crafted, and placed into capsules or tablets for those who do not care for the taste of the individual herbs.



Organic Herbs

Organic herbs are those grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. They are not genetically engineered (Non-GMO) by nature, and are grown without the use of oil based chemical fertilizers. They are herbs that have been certified to be organic by a branch of the FDA responsible for maintaining the rigorous integrity of organic herbs, spices and produce.


Wild-crafted Herbs

Wild-crafted Herbs are those that you may find as you walk through a prarie land, forest, wilderness area, or even your back yard. They are untouched by man (or woman) and are just found in the wild. These are herbs as nature intended. For the most part they are organic, even though they may not have been “certified” as organic. I prefer either wild-crafted or organic whenever I can find them, and will always recommend them, as their quality is far superior.


As Deepak Chopra says “when Western Medicine takes out an individual component of a natural herb and discards the rest, they are taking out some information but throwing away the Wisdom of the plant.”  You’ll find the herbs listed in alphabetical order as the herbal wisdom is posted on this website under this (Raw Herbs) menu heading. Here’s to your health and many happy trails!


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