Natural Insomnia Remedies

Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Natural Insomnia Remedies

The inability to fall asleep naturally, and stay asleep is called Insomnia. It is a very common condition all over the world, especially in countries where there is an abundance of technology and industry. In fact 30-50% of people in the world suffer from some form of insomnia. There are so many things you can do to improve your quantity and quality of sleep naturally. Natural Insomnia Remedies can get you that good night’s sleep in the fastest possible way, without harmful side effects associated with more addictive type prescription medicines.


Being sleepless in Seattle or anywhere else in the world can be detrimental (harmful) to your health. Insomnia worsens your overall health (immune system, heart, fitness level, mental health, longevity and even your appearance.) If you don’t get it naturally treated it can lead to sleep deprivation which is even more serious and can even be fatal. It’s not necessary as there are natural ways you will discover here that can help you get a complete and full nights deep sleep and wake up feeling totally refreshed and be at the top of your game. 


insomnia causes


What Causes Insomnia?

The inability to fall asleep naturally is called Insomnia. In fact 30-50% of people in the world suffer from some form of insomnia. What Causes Insomnia? It can be either, transitional insomnia where it is one or two days then goes away naturally, acute insomnia (symptoms just come on quickly and get better within about a week), or chronic insomnia (which is an ongoing inability to get a good night’s rest.)


There are many causes of insomnia as you can see from the diagram above. The most common reasons why you can’t fall asleep are mental (excess mind chatter or overthinking things,) medical (prescription medicine use, sleep apnea, restless legs, or other condition,) or social/work issues (work late, have to give support to friends or family members.) Here are some common insomnia causes:

  • Medications you are taking (read the side effects to see if yours is listed)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Excess caffeine or stimulants withing 8 hours before bedtime
  • Excessive alcohol consumption (more than 2 drinks per day)
  • Stress and Excessive Worrying
  • Sleep Apnea consider getting a SnoreGuard Mouthpiece or  CPAP machine
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation
  • Allergies can keep you awake
  • Changes in your normal surroundings
  • Lack of Natural Sunlight (using fluorescent lighting, choose Natural Daylight Bulbs instead)
  • Lack of Exercise (even walking 20-40 minutes a few hours before bedtime can help
  • Depression or Anxiety (If you have either, then treat it and your insomnia will lessen)

If you have chronic insomnia, you should do something about it because it can lead to serious illness if you ignore it. Using natural insomnia remedies like minerals and herbs for sleep stops the cause of insomnia and lets you finally get some much needed healing and restorative sleep so you can be yourself again during your waking hours.


Insomnia Symptoms


Symptoms of Insomnia

Here are a few of the most common Symptoms of Insomnia (and ways to relieve them naturally) you need to know about if you ever want to get a good night sleep:

  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Difficulty Staying Asleep
  • Waking Up Frequently
  • Unrefreshing Sleep (You feel like you haven’t slept at all)
  • Daytime Sleepiness or Narcolepsy
  • Difficulty Concentrating and Paying Attention to Anything
  • Irritability
  • Moodiness
  • Increased Weight Gain
  • Changes in Eating Habits (You may not feel hungry, but have to eat anyway)

If you have any or many of the above insomnia symptoms then read on and take action on at least one thing and you will be sleeping good and waking refreshed and feeling like you know you should.


Effects of Sleep Deprivation


Treatment of Sleep Deprivation

Treatment of Sleep Deprivation can help prevent serious mental and physical illness associated with lack of quality sleep. It usually begins with a healthier diet and at least 20 minutes of daily exercise (walking is great), which should come as no surprise to most of us. Ingesting GMO foods (genetically engineered) can cause sleep deprivation because they have chemicals that are neurotoxins (poisonous to your brain and nervous system) like aspartame (NutraSweet) and pesticides.


They also have hormones and antibiotics in them that cause chronic inflammation and digestive disorders that can keep you awake and running to the bathroom too frequently.) Avoiding all the simple sugars and carbohydrates before sleep can help you not only sleep better but heal your body instead of damage it with high sugars. Have any caffeine beverages at least 10 hours before you plan on going to sleep or you may toss and turn all night. Follow the guidelines below to treat sleep deprivation naturally, safely and effectively and avoid all the health risks. You’ll look and feel so much better too!


best organic mattress


Mattress for Best Sleep

Where you sleep makes all the difference in the world too. Most people sleep between 6-9 hours per day, with the average being about 7 hours per night. 8 or 9 hours per night is highly recommended as your body, brain, nervous system and immune system all need to rejuvenate themselves. A big part of natural insomnia remedies is fixing the place where you sleep on so it keeps you at the right temperature and comfort level for a good night’s sleep. A Mattress for Best Sleep allows you to get to sleep much quicker and stay asleep!


I never though I’d like a foam type mattress, as I sleep hot, but the newer ones have gel cooling so they’re breathable and give better support than ones 10 times the cost (I used to use a 3k Sleep Number bed, they are great but I sleep even better now!) I also use a bamboo mattress protector as they are cooler and breathable  and they work so well together. See Avocado Organic Mattress (25 year warranty and 100% certified organic material, chiropractor endorsed with high customer satisfaction.) I’m using mine now and being a mostly side sleeper, my shoulder that used to hurt doesn’t anymore.)


Snoring and sleep apnea can keep you waking up in the middle of the night, and many times not being able to fall back asleep. It is a major cause of insomnia. If you do snore then you also have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can not only cause sleeplessness, but more serious issues because your brain and body are not getting the oxygen they need. Fix your snoring and you can fix your sleep apnea and insomnia too!


sleep apnea relief


How to Relax Your Mind

Your brain chatter can be keeping you awake by thinking about what just happened today or what may happen tomorrow. Discover How to Relax Your Mind naturally by lowering your brain wave state from beta (waking brain) to alpha or theta (relaxed mind.)  Meditation is a great natural insomnia remedy that brings your mind to a calm state where you fully in the present (not thinking about what may happen, or regretting the choices you may have made earlier.)


You can get a Binaural or Isochronic beat audio tract that will put your brain in the exact Delta level “Sleep State” that it needs for deep restorative and relaxing sleep. The beta brain wave frequency is the state we are in when we are wide awake and going about our day. Alpha is that state where our brain becomes more balanced and into relaxation or going deeper into sleep states like, theta and delta (deep sleep). Listen to Binaural Beats (sleep music) that puts your mind in a Delta Sleep Brainwave State which is the exact state it needs to be in for a deep restful sleep.


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Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

Here are a few Natural Ways to Fall Asleep. Develop a natural sleep routine. Try most nights to begin unwinding at the same time if possible, like an hour before sleep. You can use these sleep tips to help you fall asleep quickly:

  • Full Spectrum Magnesium is a natural pink mineral that soothes and relaxes smooth muscle. It is a natural cramp reliever (good for restless leg syndrome or RLS) as well as a mental relaxer. It promotes a mentally quiet peaceful deep sleep where you wake up naturally refreshed! It also prevents constipation and cleanses your colon.
  • Use a Magnesium Spray like Ease Magnesium Spray (pictured above) before bedtime as not only does it help your brain and body get into a deeper, more relaxed state but it can prevent cramps or restless legs that will keep you tossing and turning for sure.) The spray works much faster than taking tablets and is tested and made exclusively for those that are having sleep challenges, and it works like magic.
  • Iron Supplements: Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin D can help you stay asleep and fall back asleep when you have to get up for a minute or two.
  • Limit Carbohydrate consumption before bed (try cottage cheese, avocado, or a handful of nuts instead.)
  • Lower light levels, including TV, Computer and Phone Screens. Use a free program called Iris (it auto adjusts computer or phone light to the warm red spectrum, like a sunset.) Blues tend to keep you awake. I use this program regularly and it really helps. You can find them for your computer or as an app for your iPhone or Android devices. I use it on both and they help prepare me for sleep gradually.
  • Lower the temperature in your home to the low 60’s, making sure your bed is comfortable, making sure your room is dark as possible. Light activates your pineal gland. Dark helps you make natural melatonin for restful sleep
  • Take Natural Supplementation for Sleep (as shown in the section below.)

You can stop your cycle of sleep deprivation and start enjoying your time awake, feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed, which is the purpose of a good night’s sleep.


natural insomnia remedies


Herbs for Insomnia

Here are the most important vitamins, minerals and Herbs for Insomnia. Use them separately or ideally together and get that good night’s deep sleep you so desperately need!

  1. CBD for Sleep: The best overall thing for insomnia relief I have tried to date! There are few formulas that work, I like the CBD with Essential Oils for Sleep (shown above) or CBD Sleep Gummies the most.
  2. Organic Valerian Root: #1 Herbal Remedy that boosts your natural GABA levels and helps you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night, while waking up feeling totally refreshed and non-groggy. This is contained in the R.E.M. sleep formula at the bottom of this page, along with magnesium and best sleep herbs that are proven to work.
  3. Use Organic Essential Oils: Lavender and Chamomile work well externally by rubbing a few drops on your neck before bed or take an Epsom salt bath and add a few drops in your bath water. They even have a Lucid Sleep Oils that helps you stay asleep and even have pleasant dreams you remember!
  4. Sleep Support Plus: Sleep Lab proven insomnia relief formula. Has the 4 natural herbs, minerals, and sleep hormones needed for a complete restful night’s guaranteed (30 day MB guarantee, see the amazing reviews too.) I’ve tried it and it absolutely works. I like to use it one night and the CBD Sleep Gummies the other night and I can finally sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and totally ready for the day ahead. 

Use any of the above natural insomnia remedies and stop your sleep problems for good. I like the sleep support and CBD the most and alternate between them to keep your sleep cycle fresh and working well!

Best Full Spectrum Magnesium


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