Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps

best medicine for leg cramps

Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps

Muscle cramps, particularly leg cramps at night can be particularly painful. They can feel debilitating and making you not want to try and sleep because you may be woke up in terrible pain. There are Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps that really work, and can stop your painful leg cramps, spams and muscle cramps in all areas. 

Muscle cramps and leg cramps can just start, seemingly unexpectedly. I had really bad muscle cramps and spasms that were really, really painful. They woke me up from the dead of night and I couldn't find the right position at the time to stop the intense cramping and pain. I finally discovered how to stop leg cramps quickly and so will you. So what is the cause of Leg Cramps at night or even during the day?


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What Causes Severe Leg Cramps at Night

What Causes Severe Leg Cramps at Night? There are a few common causes of leg cramps at night. It is usually because of mineral deficiency as evidenced by taking the right type of minerals in the right amount fixing your leg cramping at night. Using the best natural remedies for leg cramps (shown at the bottom of this page) will stop your leg cramps at night quickly! Here are the most common causes of muscle cramps and particularly leg cramps at night:

  • Mineral Deficiency (Particularly magnesium and potassium)
  • Poor blood circulation in the legs
  • Dehydration (Use Ionized Alkaline Water as it is full of electrolytes that hydrate)
  • Nervous system problems
  • Exercising in heat and not cooling off enough before sleep
  • Not stretching before working out or walking
  • Overuse of calf muscles (particularly while exercising)
  • Muscle fatigue

The best thing you can do is to warm up and stretch before exercising or walking and hydrate yourself afterwards. Also make sure you take the best type of magnesium (full spectrum magnesium) as it is the #1 thing I did that finally stopped my painful leg cramps at night. It tops on the list of natural remedies for leg cramps at night that also helps you fall asleep naturally.


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How to Stop Leg Cramps at Night

How to stop leg cramps at night with natural remedies for Leg Cramps. Prevention is way better than cure when it comes to painful night cramps. You can stretch the muscles and connective tissues that are your problem area. Mine was the quad, hamstring and side of my ankle, sometimes even the arch of my foot. Always stretch the opposite way that the leg cramp is happening. If your hamstring is cramping, then do deep waist bends and fully stretch them till they stop.


When one muscle contracts (cramps) the opposing muscle is stretching. Quads/Hamstrings, Biceps/Triceps, Chest/Back, etc. Keep your body hydrated and make sure to walk regularly to keep your circulation as good as you can. Take full spectrum magnesium (pictured below) as it is the exact type needed to stop your painful leg cramps at night or day!


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Best Magnesium Supplement for Leg Cramps

What is the Best Magnesium Supplement for Leg Cramps? Magnesium Miracle is the most powerful full spectrum magnesium for Leg Cramps. It really stops them when you take it regularly. I started with 3 capsules each evening and it totally stopped them. I then reduced it to two capsules after I got the results and it is still working for me. You can also take a potassium supplement or eat a banana every morning, but taking magnesium for leg cramps at night absolutely did it for me.


It is by far the best of the natural remedies for leg cramps at night that also helps you fall asleep and stay asleep as it is one of the best natural remedies for insomnia as well. You can use a topical magnesium spray right on the leg cramp that is bothering you as well. They can be used together as they both work and are especially for muscle cramps and spasms. Drink ionized water during the day as it keeps your body in positive mineral balance (alkaline pH.) 


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Magnesium Spray for Leg Cramps

Magnesium Spray for Leg Cramps. Ease for Leg Cramps (pictured above) is the best topical spray on magnesium formula for muscle and leg cramps. It helps stop spasms and feels so relaxing as it is a powerful natural medicine for muscle relaxation. It has a relaxing fragrance as well.


Use the magnesium spray when you need it, and the full spectrum magnesium all the time. Our diet is too loaded with calcium, which can cause muscle cramping as it is the opposite of magnesium. Everything is calcium fortified that leads to muscle cramps and spasms. It also leads to insomnia. Take the best natural remedies for leg cramps and you will leave leg cramps and insomnia behind for good. 


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What is the Most Effective Treatment for Leg Cramps

What is the most effective treatment for Leg Cramps? Here are the best natural remedies for Leg Cramps at night to help you stop your painful leg cramps and spasms for good:  

  • Full Spectrum Magnesium – The best Leg Cramps treatment hands down. It really works, as I tried everything and this is what did it for me. I also fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. It is naturally calming to your mind, nerves and muscles.
  • Magnesium Spray – Great topical spray on magnesium that goes right into your muscle and nerve fibers to relax them and prevent painful leg cramps at night.
  • Ionized Alkaline Water – Fully hydrates your whole body with electrolytes and minerals that balance your mind, body, nerves and muscles. It helps your whole body remain alkaline and can prevent a lot of diseases that feed on acids, like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Regular stretching and resistance training or hiking are great exercises to help increase your circulation naturally.
  • Take a daily bath with Epsom or Himalayan Pink Salt
  • De-stress your life (stress causes your body to become more acidic and your muscles rigid)

The above natural remedies for Leg Cramps work well together and are highly recommend to stop leg cramps at night and increase your overall health level. You will also feel more relaxed and sleep much better at night.

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