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Nutri Bullet 1201

The Nutribullet System

Benefits of Juicing

There are so many benefits of juicing, and I think the main benefit is people actually drink the green juices, and get the vegetables and greens that they will probably not eat otherwise. You only get the benefit of green and rainbow colored vegetables and sprouts if you ingest them. Juicing them is the easy to do that!


I’ve been getting asked a lot about which juicer or blender I think is the best to start out with. The new Nutri Bullet System is by far the easiest to use and clean, so you will probably want to look at that first. You can always move on to a Vitamix, Breville or Cuisinart high powered juicer later on down the road. The NutriBullet is the less expensive, but surprisingly powerful way to get the nutrition your body needs.


Watch this complete demo of what you can do with a Nutri Bullet Nutrition Extractor:



It not only gives you awakened energy, but gives you an excellent bang for the buck, so to speak.) I’ve been juicing myself for about 2 years now, and have gotten back some energy that was lost because of all the toxins that were being stored in my body through many years of unconscious eating. The days when I juice, I feel more energetic and less prone to overeat or crave junk foods. It makes you want to keep on your fitness and weight loss goals.


I’ve lost 25 pounds and am leaner and can not only perform better but I can think clearer as well. I didn’t have to starve myself because of the nutrient rich juices really fill you up and make you want to make healthy choices. I had this skin rash that wouldn’t go away and through juicing most mornings, it is 100% gone! 



healthy and happy



The NutriBullet is a nice, compact little system that you can use to naturally increase your health, performance levels, and also look and feel so much better. It can help you get over that hump, literally! It’s fairly easy to clean and beats taking fistfulls of medications that only add toxins to your body and mind.


The best medicine is moderate exercise, laughter and good organic nutrition. The Nutribullet System has that down to a science! 

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