Organic vs Non Organic

organic vs non-organic

Organic vs Non Organic

Organic vs Non Organic, what's the difference and is organic really better? Organic simply refers to food that is grown in organic soils (organically grown, or wildcrafted) without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, larvacides or chemicals of any kind. It also means that it cannot be GMO (genetically modified organism) or genetically engineered. It is simple food without harmful additives of any kind.Your grandparents would wonder why you are calling food organic because when they lived all food was organic.


Now you have to distinguish between organic and non organic, because you have to choice to make with foods, herbs and spices you allow into your body and those of your children. Choose wisely because the cheapest option is not always the best option and you can pay less at the grocery store but you will pay with your health. And your health is your true wealth, because without it, you can't enjoy your material wealth anyway, but your doctor sure will!


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Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine is one of the best prescriptions for optimum wellness and peak health for the long-term. Invasive techniques and medicines are not the best way to heal your body. Your body is “on your team” and you should work with it and give it what it wants to heal itself, that's what it's been made to do. Your best bet for keeping yourself youthful and healthy over the long haul (and yes, we will all get there eventually) is to eat nutritious plant foods, preferably organic or wild crafted (found out in the wild in an untouched and unsprayed with chemicals) form.


You can find specific foods that are good to help you prevent the most common diseases and conditions like diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, arthritis, gout, chronic inflammation, IBS and digestive problems to name a few. Natural organic foods are full of life and have a very high vibration (as tested under a darkfield microscope or Kirlian photography). Don't eat GMO Foods, as they have viruses and pesticides in them inside and out!


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Why is Organic Better?

Why Is Organic Better? Organic Herbs, Vegetables and Fruits are so rich in many vitamins and minerals that are absent in conventional produce and herbs found in your local supermarket. Organic is far superior in nutrition and will give your body energy, not rob it from you. You can tell if a food has given you energy or stole energy from you by the way you feel after eating it. If you feel drained or sleepy, guess what, it took more energy to digest it than it gave you.


If you feel great and energized after eating than your food gave you an abundance of energy and nutrition. Eat organic foods for a while and see how you now look and feel. Your skin tone will improve, your hair will improve, your sleeping habits will improve, your life will improve. It's not rocket science, it's just plain simple common sense. What you put into your body is what your body's cells will be made of. Put junk foods, your body will respond like junk. Eat smaller portions but better quality and you will expand your quantity and quality of life.


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Organic vs Non GMO

Organic vs GMO can get a little confusing at first. All organic is non GMO by default meaning it is real food without any GE (genetically engineered) materials added in. By now you know what organic is, but isn't non-GMO the same as organic? It can be, but you have to know where your food was grown and with what methods. Organic is always best as it is pure food, no added anything. Your body knows what real food is and what isn't.


You can ask your farmer if you go to a local farmer's market and some will actually let you visit the farm to see for yourself. Some can be organic but not, certified organic because that costs money for them to hire government inspectors from the organic board to certify them, and it can be quite expensive. If the label says Certified Organic than it is non GMO and organic!


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Organic vs GMO

Organic vs GMO foods, herbs and supplements. GMO foods (genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered foods) are not natural foods. They are created in a laboratory and injected with a virus to allow it to create new DNA or genetic information to spread to newly developing cells. Your body does not recognize these chemicals as food, but as a foreign substance that is toxic to your body. If you are not getting them organic, then you are getting them with pesticides like glyphosates that cause cancer and leaky gut syndrome. It is causing a lot of gluten sensitivity in people that may also be because of the toxic chemicals sprayed on non-organic wheat products. If you do have gluten sensitivity there are special gluten enzymes you can take to break it down and avoid any reactions to gluten like Gluten Guardian.


GMO foods are not good for then environment and have been implicated in the honeybee disappearance known as colony collapse disorder or CCD. GMO Foods are harmful to your body and they lead to cancer, autism, autoimmune conditions, IBS, colitis, Crohn's disease, gluten intolerance “which is really glyphosate intolerance not gluten intolerance” among other illnesses. These toxic glyphosates are even showing up in organic foods due to rainwater and ground water runoff. It's a good idea to do a periodic detox to make sure it is not interfering with your DNA and causing abnormal cells to grow inside of you. For more information see: Glyphosate Toxicity.


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How to Detox Glyphosate

How to Detox Glyphosate naturally and safely. To get rid of glyphosate and GMO residues in your body you need to do a Viral Detox, and a Chemical Detox all in one. It flushes your body of these harmful viruses and pesticides that destroy your health and damage your DNA and wipe out your natural immune system. What you don't see can really hurt you.


Do a seasonal Glyphosate GMO detox can keep these toxins moving out of your body before they cause tissue and organ abnormalities. Your children and even pets can use the same natural detox with smaller amounts. Do the following GMO detox and you will feel so much better because it will flush out these chemicals and viruses that were robbing your body of nutrition and health:

  • EcoDetox (This is a holistic cleanse that is made specifically to flush toxins out of your organs and cells safely and effectively. It is made to detox glyphosates, GMO residues, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides without harmful side effects.)
  • Zeolite Powder (Proven Cancer, Virus, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chemical, Pesticide and Glyphosate Detox supplement, with exceptional results. Not only detoxes glyphosates, pesticides and GMO’s but also protects your gut and immune system from the damage caused by them. It can also help stop cancers forming, as GMO foods and glyphosate cause cancer.)

You can use any of the above natural detoxification supplements separately or ideally together at the same time. They will make a difference you can actually feel, while protecting what you don't see against a dozen or more chronic and serious illnesses. It is always good to do a complete detox of all your organ systems before starting a new healing regimen so you are starting clean and can tell which herbal remedy is working best for you.


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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

In fact, Hippocrates, who is the father of holistic medicine said “Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food.” All medical doctors today still take his oath to “First, do no Harm,” and I'm sure we can all agree that they pay no attention to what Hippocrates said, or to the oath they currently take, as traditional medicine is now “first make profit.” If you eat healthy vibrant real foods then you won't need to see a doctor, except for injury in most cases.


Most modern medicines kill healthy and unhealthy cells alike. In modern cancer treatments they use Chemo, Radiation and Surgery as their first line of defense. Chemotherapy and Radiation actually kill healthy cells and Cause Cancer! In fact most people die from the treatment of cancer, not cancer! If you are dealing with cancer then you might want to check out our page on Herbs for Cancer before you get another treatment.


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Where to Buy Organic

Where to Buy Organic. Organic Food Stores are increasing by the day now, as people are discovering the benefits of organic food over processed, pesticide filled and GMO Foods. You can find plenty of stores that carry organic foods, herbs and supplements. Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Aldi are good places to go to. Whole foods used to be but they are now mixing in too many GMO foods to be safe. Go to your local farmers market or search for a local farmer's market near you! There is no comparison when you taste real organic food and produce. There is a big difference that you can taste.


No chemical residue aftertaste or stomach problems later. You can even just learn to grow your own organic food! And you get the benefit of all the vitamins and minerals present that will clean, detox and energize your body. You will feel like your tank is filled with the best premium octane fuel and you will feel so much better. Not only will you feel better but your skin and hair will show their natural radiance and you'll look years younger again. We only recommend organic and wildcrafted on this blog, and use these wherever is it available, which is most of the time. To see all our herbs and supplements for holistic healing visit our main page at: Herbal Remedies.

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