Radiation Sickness Treatment


radiation sickness


Exposure to Radiation

Exposure to Radiation is becoming way to common in our daily lives now. You can not escape it wherever you go on this planet. Some types of radiation like solar radiation are not lethal unless you get 3rd degree burns from heavy exposure and don’t take any precautions. Then it can lead to skin cancer. Under normal circumstances a little sun is actually good for you (it creates the all important vitamin D) as well as is a natural anti-depressant.


It’s the more harmful types of radiation we’re talking about here. Medical (and non-Holistic Dental) treatments and procedures can expose you to extreme doses and levels of cancer causing radiation. X-rays, we’re told are harmless (while the people that administer them run behind a very heavy leak proof, lead wall and wear protective shielding). And they still end up with cancer or baldness (like my own radiology instructor, before I found out how harmful it was and stopped my radiology classes.)



radiation treatment


Side Effects of Radiation Treatment

Here is a list of the most common Side Effects of Radiation Treatment:

  • immune system suppresion (you get sick all the time now)
  • skin blistering
  • skin itching and irritation
  • chronic diarrhea
  • hair loss
  • nausea feelings
  • vomiting
  • sexual changes (such as impotence, vaginal dryness, and pain during sex)
  • body swelling
  • difficulty swallowing
  • painful discharge or urination
  • incontinence (peeing your pants)

And those are just the short term effects of radiation treatment. The longer term effects are cancer, DNA damage, internal bleeding, infertility, swollen organs, amnesia and inability to stay healthy. 


Don’t wait till you come down with symptoms, but take precautions now to protect your health. If you need to see dentist choose a holistic dentist instead (they are aware of the damage of radiation and x-rays, as well as mercury fillings and fluoride. Look for a local Holistic Doctor in your area. And, always, always, always use zeolite powder and Nano Colloidal Nascent Iodine before and after your treatments so it doesn’t keep cooking you from the inside out. so you don’t get sick when you get them removed as many people do.



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EMF Radiation

Radiation or radioactive particles (actually a heavy metal) enter our bodies from many other sources too. Although you can’t see radiation (like viruses or bacteria) you can be sure that it is not good for your health. We have nuclear radiation reactor spills and malfunctions all the time. EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation from technology like cellphones, WiFi routers, towers, and Bluetooth type equipment in our homes and work places.


Local energy companies are installing Smart Meters (SCE or your local electric company) that are known to be extremely high and health depleting levels of EMF radiation into your homes. Children and elderly people are at the highest risk of radiation sickness and DNA damage from this. But we all will have genetic damage and be prone to developing cancer unless we take some precautions and keep our bodies free from excess radiation exposure.


It is mostly preventable and you are going to learn of a few things you can do and use right now to keep yourself and loved ones safe from radiation poisoning and exposure. For more information on EMF radiation and protection see EMF Protection.



Treatment for Radiation Exposure

If you’ve had any radiation exposure you should choose a natural treatment for radiation exposure that will protect you from further damage as well as stop the damage that is already occurring in your body. It’s not rocket science but you have to do it if you want to remain free from the negative effects. You can get a simple dosimeter card like the one pictured above, that can detect the amount of radiation affecting you. And if it’s a high dose take your zeolites asap!


Since radiation wipes out your immune system, you need to keep your immune system boosted. Your immune system is your number one protection against cancer, bacteria and virus infections. You can do that by taking probiotics (healthy bacteria) either in oral capsules or in the form of fermented foods like yogurt and kefir. Also use nascent iodine (prevents your thyroid from radiation uptake and developing cancer) and zeolites (trap and safely removes radiation from your body) as they are the best natural protectors from radiations effects.  


 nascent iodine



Iodine Treatment for Radiation Exposure


People in radiation zones (near nuclear reactors) as well as holistic health professionals all know about using nascent iodine when there is a threat of radiation exposure. Tepco, the energy company in Fukushima, Japan uses it for their employees as well as has treated the water around the leakage with zeolite powder.


Natural Zeolite is number one natural radiation remedy for radiation poisoning and exposure. If you live on planet earth you need to not only know about iodine and zeolite but actually have some on hand and take it regularly. I live in California in which radiation is still showing up from the spill. They are also the capital of traditional cancer treatments (think radiation and chemotherapy). 


zeolite powder 

Radiation Protection Products

Here are the best natural Radiation Protection Products:

  • Zeolite Pure (The best natural supplement against radiation and heavy metal poisoning and exposure) Take as directed.
  • Nano Colloidal Nascent Iodine (Protects your thyroid gland from radiation uptake)
  • Lypo-Somal Glutathione (Powerful heavy metal detoxifier)
  • Pine Pollen (natural substance from pine trees that detoxes radiation, particularly cesium)
  • Bentonite Clay (edible clay – 1 tablespoon in juice or water per day as part of your heavy metal detox plan)
  • SOD (Superoxide Dismutase – Antioxidant and free radical scavenger also has longevity enhancing properties)
  • Ashwagandha – (An Adaptogenic Herb that helps strengthen the Thyroid Gland)


These natural supplements will not give room for the radiation to take up residence in your body and destroy your healthy cells. If you have access to a sauna (hot or far infrared sauna) then by all means use it as it will flush out radiation particles if you’re taking liquid or powdered zeolites.


Take hot baths with natural unprocessed dead sea salt (the highest natural mineral content), baking soda and dried ginger (about a 1/2 cup each for prevention, or 1 cup each for radiation poisoning treatment in water as hot as you can handle). Make sure the food that you take into your body and your drinking water is safe and free of radiation and heavy metals. For more information on radiation safety visit: Radiation Safety


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