Vaccine Detox

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Vaccine Detox

Should you get a Vaccine Detox for yourself or your children if you’ve ever gotten a vaccine? The answer is absolutely yes! The toxins and heavy metals can stay stored in your tissues, particularly body fat cells and slowly poison your DNA, brain, nervous system and immune system. You can’t always control what you are “forced to do” but you can always do a Vaccine Detox and get that crap right out of you your children’s bodies asap before it lowers your IQ, causes autism, seizures and damages your immune system.


If vaccinations were really “good for your health” then do you seriously think they would be forced upon you? The obvious answer is “Absolutely not!” They wouldn’t have to be, you’d want to take them and feel great that you’re protected from whatever you just got immunized against. However, that is not the case. You would not have vaccine injury attorneys, getting awarded millions of dollars in damages from their clients (usually, because they caused a fatality in their family.)


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Detox From Vaccines

How do you naturally and safely Detox from Vaccines? If you or any of your loved ones have ever had a vaccine, you need to do a vaccine detox. The vaccine ingredients are a bevy of very harmful toxins that are injected into your body and damage your brain, turn off your immune system, poison your liver and kidneys, and can even lead to cancers, chronic health conditions and autism in children. 


Fortunately there are a few safe and very effective natural remedies that can help you detox from flu vaccines, MMR vaccines, polio vaccines, DTaP vaccines, Herpes vaccines, Anthrax vaccines, Chicken Pox, Rotavirus, Tetanus as well as the new ones being developed as we speak. Keep yourself safe from these harmful vaccines by doing a vaccination detox after you or your loved ones get a vaccine from any source.


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Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Dangers and HPV Vaccine Risks. Risks of Vaccines are overwhelming, with no benefit and all negative and harmful effects that can damage a human for a lifetime. There are many types of vaccines from flu vaccines to MMR vaccines, to polio vaccines to even cancer vaccines, and not only do they not work, they actually cause the thing they were supposed to stop! Most people get the flu after they’ve gotten the flu shot! Those that didn’t’ get it, also didn’t’ get the flu!


They may tell you the damage vaccines cause is easy to reverse. Not so. It is hard to reverse autism! Recently medical doctors going to Africa to give “free vaccines” to the people are being mortally wounded because the people have learned that they are being harmed and sterilized! Bill Gates promotes this, and it is a fact that is said there is a population problem and he wants to fix it! Don’t be a victim to him and the medical system that want’s to profit off your pain!


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Risks of Vaccines

What are the real Risks of Vaccines? Vaccines are full of things you would never knowingly place in your body, or allow to be pushed into the delicate bodies of your children! Would you ever think of putting mercury, anti-freeze, phenol, animal blood, animal viruses and formaldehyde (the stuff they put in you when you are dead to shut off your body!) There are a lot more dangerous things that are adding in newer vaccines. Here are some common Vaccine Risks you should be aware of:

  • Death
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Lupus
  • Paralysis
  • Dystonia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Guillian Barre Syndrome
  • SIDS
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Narcolepsy
  • Seizures
  • Allergies to Food and Animals
  • Flu
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Many more…

And those are just the more common ones! If there weren’t real dangers and risks then they would not have a vaccine injury hotline and class action lawsuits that the vaccine companies LOSE and have to pay out millions in damages. Unfortunately a lot of the time the people don’t make it so the relatives have to fight on their behalf. Just a sick scene, so avoid it if you can!


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What is in Vaccines?

What is in Vaccines? Vaccines are full of things you would never knowingly place in your body, or allow to be pushed into the delicate bodies of your children! Would you ever think of putting mercury, anti-freeze, phenol, animal blood, animal viruses and formaldehyde (the stuff they put in you when you are dead to shut off your body!) There are a lot more dangerous things that are adding in newer vaccines.


If you can’t prevent getting a vaccine for any reason (career, school or military pressures) you absolutely should get the poisonous stuff out of your body as quickly as you can! Infants, Children and the Elderly among us are the most vulnerable and can least cope with the poisonous levels of vaccine ingredients being placed into their bodies. You must detox from vaccines if you want to keep your health and sanity!


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Vaccine Ingredients

What are the main Vaccine Ingredients that are causing all the damage? When you discover what is being put into your vaccines, then you can have a good solution as to how to get it out and prevent adverse health effects quickly. The ingredients put into your vaccines (flu vaccine ingredients, MMR vaccine ingredients) are varied but usually all contain heavy metals (mercury, aluminum thimerosal), MSG (monosodium glutamate) and biological toxins (live or mutated vaccines, bacterial components, animal DNA, aborted fetal cells) all with a huge risk that your body rejects these genetic components. Here is a small list of the most common toxic vaccine ingredients that you should avoid or at least detox from:

  • Mercury
  • Thimerosal
  • Antifreeze
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phenol
  • Arsenic
  • Live Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • MSG
  • Aluminum
  • Aborted Fetal Cells
  • Animal DNA
  • Animal Blood
  • Animal Viruses

That is some real scary stuff being put into people’s bodies without most of them knowing, and even consenting to this savagery! It is unthinkable that it is being done but understandable as they make huge profits off vaccines and illness in general. Not to mention the very real population control agendas, as openly discussed by vaccine proponents like Bill Gates. For a whole list of what is each type of vaccine see: vaccine ingredients.


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Vaccination Detox

If you can’t avoid getting the vaccine or you didn’t know about how harmful the ingredients where, then you need to do a Vaccination Detox as soon as you can! The best way to detox the vaccine ingredients safely out of your body is to cleanse the body systems that the vaccine affects the most. Vaccine ingredients that need to be removed include all the heavy metals, viral components and other toxic chemicals. Remove the toxins (without adding additional toxins), and restore your natural immune system balance.


The most important step is to detox the heavy metals (as soon as you can) out of your blood stream, brain, tissues, organs and fat cells. Then to safely stop viral infections from wiping out your immune system. And finally cleansing your liver and flushing your intestines and colon to get rid of all the toxic crap fully out of your body.


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Chemical Detox

Here is the best vaccine detox, it is primarily a heavy metals chemical detox combined with a viral detox. Exactly the stuff harmful stuff in vaccines that is causing the damage and mortality to you and your children. It removes the harmful things in vaccines from your body safely. Listed in the order of importance, I highly recommend you take an organic zeolite detox formula like Zeotrex (pictured above,) organic nascent iodine, tulsi holy basil first. Then do a liver and colon cleanse with probiotics afterward to restore a healthy immune system.


You will not only be reversing the damage done by vaccines but preventing further damage by using the probiotics to build a community of healthy bacteria that crowd out the unhealthy types you get in vaccines. Here is what you can take to protect against vaccine injury, in the order of importance:

  • Zeolite Pure detox formula, gets the heavy metals like mercury, thimersol, and sodium fluorode out, and boosts your immune system against harmful biological vaccine ingredients like fetal and animal DNA and live/mutated viruses
  • Zeolite-AV is a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial that has pure micronized zeolite pure powder in it with humic acid. It protects against viruses (like the ones in most vaccines)
  • Detoxadine Nano Colloidal Nascent Iodine is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial, and thyroid protector, prevents infections from the vaccines
  • Tulsi Holy Basil organic herb that is good for detoxing metals and fluoride
  • Liver Cleanse flushes your liver, which is your body’s master cleanser, preventing liver failure and jaundice
  • Natural Colon Cleanse uses activated oxygen to safely detox and cleanse your intestinal system allowing you to get rid of years of stored toxins
  • Detox Foot Pads are easy to use body detox method that allows you to detox while you sleep! It uses Far Infrared technology, with Organic ingredients including natural Zeolite Powder for a superior detox that is easy to do
  • Proboitics  are the good bacteria that allow you to absorb the nutrition from the food you eat, and crowd out the harmful types of bacteria and viruses. Use this after you deteox with the above methods to boost your immune system and crowd out harmful microbes

You can also eat organic cilantro, which helps your body get rid of some of the heavy metals. Not as good as zeolites but still helpful.  


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