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What is Chemtrail Flu

Just what is Chemtrail Flu? Chemtrail Flu (also associated with Chemtrail Cough) is catching flu like symptoms after being outside during chemtrail spraying. The more spraying that goes on the higher rates of Chemtrail Flu people are experiencing. It is usually associated with flu symptoms that can last up to 3 weeks, and also cause coughing and allergies, including skin rashes.


Everyone has seen the thick white trails that are left behind, often in high number and making crisscross, or cross type patterns over the whole sky. A chemtrails is not a contrail (a contrail is a small thin water vapor trail that vanishes within a few seconds after passing.


A Chemtrail can stay for hours and not dissipate easily. There are many purposes for these chemtrails, including geo-engineering (manipulating the stratosphere above us) which blocks the sun’s rays, and keeps the warm air local. It also makes solar energy less effective and makes the sky look ugly. I remember up until the mid 1990’s of a clear deep blue sky with natural beautiful clouds. Not anymore. For a complete rundown on chemtrails see: what are chemtrails?


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Chemtrail Effects

What are the effects of chemtrails? They have negative effects on the environment as the plants need sun rays to grow properly. People also need a good amount of sunlight for proper melatonin creation (normal sleep/wake cycle) and also the natural sunlight creates vitamin D in your skin protecting you against skin cancer as well as depression.


The people who are spraying us with these chemtrails (through our military and contractors), have an agenda of population control. Recently, some brave military pilots are getting sick of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of spraying and are spilling the beans on it, as they have children too. See: Chemtrail Pilot tells all.


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The medical system is pushing very hard, trying to force people to get vaccines. Bill Gates is a big proponent of population control and pushes “free” vaccines for all. It’s really no secret, they lay it out in the Georgia Guidestones for all to see. Particularly for the poor. People in Africa are discovering the truth (women being sickened and sterilized by the vaccines, as well as vastly increased autism and cancer rates) and are fatally attacking the doctors attempting to make them take it. They are not doing it for your health! 


The wealthy are the least likely to have them, while the poor are conditioned to get them without question. Ever wonder why? A lot of people are waking up to the dangers of vaccines are refusing to allow their children or themselves to have one. An easy way to make sure everyone gets their vaccine is to spray it directly into the air they have to breathe if they go outside. So exactly what’s in the chemtrail clouds being sprayed on us?


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Chemtrail Ingredients

The most common Chemtrail Ingredients are heavy metals, fibers, nano particles, biological compounds (viruses, bacteria and other pathogens). They are causing and alarming rate of sickness like never before. Almost 100% of the people living in US controlled countries now have sinusitis and allergy problems. I didn’t have sinus problems before the mid 90’s, but now I sure do.  They are also causing cancer, immune system problems, Morgellons, Alzheimer’s and dementia.


So, here are just a few of the many things that are showing up in chemtrail residues:

  • Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Particles (CHAFF)
  • Acenaphthene
  • Aromatic Hydrobarbons
  • Barium Chromate
  • Benzene
  • Cadium
  • Chlorides
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Flouranthene
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (used in Zyklon b in Nazi death camps)
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Manganese
  • Naphitalene
  • Potassium Perchlorate
  • Perchlorate IN
  • Rocket Fuels
  • Toluene
  • Jet Fuel Emissions
  • Xylene

You can find the complete list here: What’s in Chemtrails? 


Now that you realize all the harmful things in chemtrails that are being sprayed on you 24/7, what can you do to protect yourself from them? Until we can stop the people doing this to all of us, the best we can do is to keep our immune system balanced and working properly, and secondly to do a regular chemtrail zeolite detox, which is a heavy metal detox along with a viral detox. I do it when I have to go out and I can see them spraying, the more they spray the more important it is to protect yourself and your family. 


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Chemtrail Detox

Here are the best ways to do a natural Chemtrail Detox (prevent and treat chemtrail flu symptoms):

  • Liquid Zeolite – Liquid Zeolites like Zeotrex are nature’s best natural heavy metal chelator. I like it because it’s an organic liquid formula that you can take anywhere you are, and as it can get rid of all the sprayed poisonous metals you are inhaling. It is one of the few natural minerals that can also prevent radiation exposure! 
  • Zeolite Cancer – This is a powerful natural antibiotic, anti-virus and cancer preventative. Since the Chemtrail Flu, is coming from a sprayed flu virus, using it regularly can keep your immune system boosted and free from viral infections as well as cancerous tumors.
  • Nascent Iodine Detoxadine nano colloidal nascent iodine protects your thyroid gland from up-taking inhaled heavy metals and chemtrail pathogens.
  • Cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander leaves. It is also sometimes called Chinese or Mexican parsley. Technically, coriander refers to the entire plant. It is a member of the carrot family. You can find this at your local supermarket or farmer’s market. Enjoy it regularly as it can help detox you.
  • Zeolite Water Filter – Chemtrail residues are now in our water supply as it’s sprayed into our tap water source. This filter absorbs heavy metals, including radiation and fluoride, glyphosates, chloramines, chemtrail chemicals, PCB’s, Morgellon’s fibers, superbug viruses. Get it out of Your drinking water!



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