Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar

how to stabilize blood sugar

Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar

Sugar is everywhere in our diets, not just in the sugar we add on top of our cereal or in our iced tea. You can use natural Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar to keep in a healthy range and prevent diabetes complications. It is in fruits, white bread, tortillas, pasta and increasingly in the form of corn starch or high fructose corn syrup. This is actually far worse that sugar, and increases excess body fat many times over. 

Unnatural sweeteners are highly toxic to your body and brain. You should avoid them like the plague, if you don't want to end up with symptoms like it or worse. NutraSweet, Splenda and Sweet and Low, are highly unhealthy alternatives – they even cause cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease just to name a few.


Diabetes can totally be healed naturally by adding healthy foods, sweeteners and herbs to your daily diet, while cutting back on unhealthy choices. Using natural herbs that lower blood sugar along with a healthy keto diet are by far the best way to keep your blood sugar under control and in a healthy range.

what are healthy glucose levels


What Are Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Natural methods like herbs that lower blood sugar and to maintain and stabilize glucose levels can help you avoid diabetes complications. What are Healthy Blood Sugar Levels? Healthy blood sugar levels are less than 100 mg/dl of fasting glucose level. The above diagram shows normal, pre-diabetes and diabetic levels of glucose blood sugar. You need to keep it in the healthy normal levels to avoid or even reverse diabetes.


Homeopathy and herbs that lower blood sugar naturally can stop you from having to take painful injections or harmful medications. In fact they work synergistically (they are even better combined) because they keep your blood sugar in safe levels by different pathways in your body. Prescription medications have a grocery list of side effects, and can cause more damage than your blood sugar being out of whack sometimes.


hba1c for diabetes diagnosis


What HbA1c Level is Normal

What HbA1c Level is Normal? Healthy levels of HbA1c are less than 6% as shown in the above diagram. Hemoglobin is a natural protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to your body's tissues. It then returns with carbon dioxide from your tissues back to your lungs. It carries life in and toxins out. Glycated Hemoglobin (GH) is directly tied to a sugar molecule. Glycated comes from the root word Glucose so when you see it, it is referring to a type of sugar.


GH is also sometimes called HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c, A1c, HbA1c, HgbA1c, Hb1c depending on the test type and your health practitioner. The Hemoglobin A1c test gives you your average blood sugar level over the past 2 or 3 months. This blood sugar test is sometimes referred to as a glycated hemoglobin test, and glycohemoglobin test.


People who have high blood sugar, pre-diabetes or diabetes usually use this test regularly to make sure their blood sugar is staying in the healthy range to prevent the more serious complications of diabetes like diabetic neuropathy, coma, blindness and amputation. Using herbs that lower blood sugar can help you avoid these serious complications of diabetes.




How to Stabilize Blood Sugar

Learning How to Stabilize Blood Sugar is very important because excess sugar in your bloodstream can lead to a host of serious illnesses including hyperglycemia, pre-diabetes and diabetes. You need to have a stabilized and balanced blood sugar level so choosing foods that don't cause an insulin spike is important. If you must sweeten, you can use Xylitol or Stevia as safe alternatives that do not affect your blood sugar or lead to other diseases. Stevia is actually a herb that is many times sweeter than sugar, so you only need to use a tiny bit to sweeten your life. I like to use Stevia in cold drinks and Xylitol in hot drinks because it seems to taste better that way.


It has a slight herbal taste but you adapt quickly, knowing that it is actually a health promoting sweetener and the best natural sweetener too. Knowing where your fasting blood sugar levels currently are, you can then tell the difference by testing out new healthier sweetening choices and how the diabetes herbs are helping you. You can easily measure your own blood sugar levels using a home test kit. Once you see what is working for you, you won't need to test all the time.

lower blood sugar naturally

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally.

Using specific herbs that lower blood sugar will help you stabilize your blood sugar naturally Using a natural HbA1c Glucose Balancing Supplement like AmiClear Blood Sugar Stabilizer can help give you a healthy and balanced blood sugar level. Low blood sugar can make you feel lethargic and can even lead to a coma. It's really about keeping your blood sugar or glucose stabilized in healthy ranges.


Too high or too low is unhealthy and can cause serious effects in your body. The goal is to naturally stabilize (maintain blood sugar at a normal level for your body and activity level) and that is why using organic herbs that lower blood sugar is so important. It's relatively easy when you use natural herbs, foods and minerals that work better than any prescription medicine ever made, and won't have the serious side effects either.

herbs that lower blood sugar

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

There are a few specific Foods That Lower Blood Sugar naturally. There is also a few foods that you should avoid as they cause insulin resistance. There is a great guide that shows you exactly what foods to eat and when, and which to avoid at all costs. It can help you actually reverse type 2 diabetes mellitus naturally, it's called freedom from diabetes mellitus (shown above) and if you follow it you can be diabetes free for good in a few months.


Here are some of the best foods to prevent hyperglycemia and lower your blood sugar:

  • Blueberries
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Fatty Fish (Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from Greece is optimum)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Leafy Green Vegetables and Salads
  • Cherries (dark and tart are best)
  • Oranges (particularly blood oranges)
  • Chia Seeds
  • Legumes
  • Green Tea

Make sure you include any of the following diabetic foods to your daily diet plan and herbs that lower blood sugar and keep it stable. Using diabetic meals can help you reverse type 2 diabetes symptoms naturally and safely. You can use them with the diabetes herbs that lower blood sugar naturally. blood sugar lowering supplement

Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

The best Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally and HbA1c Levels naturally. You can use these herbs that lower blood sugar individually but like most herbal medicines it is always best to combine them with supportive herbs so they are in proper balance like you do with calcium and magnesium. Here are the best herbs that lower blood sugar naturally:

  • GlucoBerry (Taken once daily) is a natural organic berry extract, mineral and herbal remedy for diabetes, that lowers your blood sugar and naturally balances and stabilize your A1C to a healthy level. It helps with leptin resistance and insulin resistance. This natural treatment for diabetes has all the top herbs for healthy blood sugar balance and helps stop excess leptin and insulin production and insulin resistance. In a nutshell, GlucoBerry will lower your blood glucose levels, support healthy blood sugar balance, boost your blood sugar metabolism, promote sensitivity to insulin, revitalize pancreas beta cells, and promote optimum insulin production, prevent diabetes risks like cardio-cerebral vascular disease, and reduce chronic fatigue while boosting your energy level..
  • Blood Sugar Breakthrough (Take before bedtime or high carb snacks) is a natural multivitamin and multimineral support formula made exclusively for diabetes that reduce your insulin sensitivity, lower your HbA1c and actually heals and reverses diabetes mellitus naturally without harmful side effects. This natural treatment for diabetes boosts your metabolism while you sleep (it helps you sleep too, because that is how your pancreas regenerates during deep sleep, this is so important for reversing diabetes.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre 
  • Organic Black Seed Oil 
  • Shilajit Resin
  • Guggul Resin
  • Organic Bitter Melon fruit extract
  • Licorice root extract
  • Ceylon Cinnamon 
  • Cayenne fruit capsules

Using the above natural treatment for diabetes will help you actually reverse your diabetes symptoms and you will lose unhealthy body fat too. You can take each one individually or in combination (recommended). They can reverse your insulin sensitivity and reduce your need for standard medications and painful tests and injections. Taken together they are the best natural treatment for diabetes because it stops the cause of pre-diabetes and insulin resistance.

natural remedies for diabetes

You can use these herbs that lower blood sugar naturally for optimum blood sugar balance as long as you need, but will probably reduce them after a few months, as your blood sugar will normally begin to stabilize. I recommend taking them together, because they have a synergistic (they work well together) effect, that allows you to use less of each herb at one time. 


Instead of taking a dose of each, you take a fraction of each all together and it has the greatest benefit in controlling your blood sugar safely and naturally. For a complete dietary and treatment guide for diabetes, visit Diabetes Mellitus

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