Organic Herbs in Bulk

organic herbs


Organic Herbs in Bulk

Organic Herbs are those grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, larvacides and chemical fertilizers. They are grown in organic soil without chemicals, toxins or any harmful or un-natural substance. They are not genetically engineered (Non-GMO) and are grown in a sustainable permaculture for ideal vitamin and mineral content. Organic herbs are what you should use for any herbs that go into your body! Chemicals in non-organic herbs take away a lot of the healing herb benefits and add toxins that damage your whole body. 


Herbs that are organic or wild-crafted (found in the wild without being sprayed) are the cream of the crop and you can use them with confidence that they are the purest and most healing of nature's garden. To see a complete list of natural non-GMO organic herbs in bulk or separately visit this page: Best Organic Herbs

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