Detox Heavy Metals

heavy metals cleanse

Detox Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals (or heavy metal) is a type of dense metal that is toxic to human health, not to be confused with a type of music that features “kickass” guitar licks and a screaming frontman! Couldn't resist that one. The Heavy Metals I'm referring to here are metals that are toxic to human health in anything more than very small quantities. Heavy metals are pretty much everywhere in our daily lives. Learning How to Detox Heavy Metals can clear up a lot of “mystery” conditions in your body that are not commonly diagnosed, particularly skin issues, headaches, lowered immunity, brain fog and low energy.

They are in our drinking water (if you drink tap, bottled or other fluoridated water), toothpaste, prescription medicines, in our light bulbs, thermometers, paint, household chemicals and even in vaccines (mercury, thimersol, aluminum and graphene oxide.) The problem is not only are they toxic, and usually to your brain, nervous system, DNA, and immune system, but is that they accumulate (get stuck) in your body. Everyone should detox heavy metals regularly as they are in your water, your food and your cleaning products.


Particularly in your organs and fat cells, slowly poisoning you and damaging all your cells. It is important for your brain and immune system to detox heavy metals from brain and body safely and effectively so you don't get heavy metals detox symptoms while they come up. There is a way to detox heavy metals naturally and safely as you will discover below..


heavy metals cleanse

Toxic Heavy Metals

Some heavy metals are toxic to the human body and cause genetic damage and cancer. Toxic Heavy Metals are the ones you need to avoid and detox from. Radiation is actually another form of heavy metal. Your body accumulates those metals and they are stored in your organs, brain, joints, skin and fat cells. Eventually they harm your immune system, and cause many illnesses like arthritis, Parkinson's disease, dementia, memory problems, nervousness, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, restless leg, liver disease and even organ failure.


You find these toxic heavy metals in your dentist office (mercury amalgam fillings, sodium fluoride, x-rays), in the water you drink and bathe in, and in the prescription medicines and vaccines you are encouraged (or forced) to take. It's always best to limit exposure as much as you can, and do periodically detox heavy metals to keep these toxic heavy metals out of your body.


Doing a zeolite based heavy metal detox can help you feel much better, physically as well as mentally, usually in a day or two. You will most likely even lose a few pounds by doing the heavy metals detox. So what are the heavy metals that you should avoid and detox from?

what is a heavy metal

What Are The Heavy Metals?

What are the Heavy Metals that destroy you brain (Alzheimer's) shut off your immune system (Immune Disorders) accumulate in your joints (Arthritis) and even cause cancer? There are many types of heavy metals and some can be more tolerable and beneficial like zinc, iron, copper, colloidal silver and even colloidal gold if you only ingest them occasionally.


Even they can build up in your body and cause hormone and immune system challenges. Here is a list of heavy metals. the most common toxic heavy metals that can cause you to get really sick and damage your health:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Graphene Oxide (heavy metal concentrator)
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Radiation 
  • Beryllium
  • Aluminum
  • Barium
  • Chromate
  • Benzene
  • Chlorides
  • Arsenic
  • Thallium
  • Antimony
  • Platinum
  • Tin
  • Nickel

Many of these are common in our environments and we need to be really safe around them or risk ill health or departure. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are everywhere now days. If the break you can inhale in this toxic metal into your lungs and can cause severe problems. 


If you have those types of mercury fillings, get them out safely! See a holistic dentist and have them replace them with safer and better looking ones. Use zeolite powder, before and after so you don't get sick when you get them removed as many people do as it is a very effective way to detox heavy metals naturally.

Heavy Metal poisoning

Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy Metal Poisoning has become a very big problem that we all must do something about before we damage our environment and health. These toxic heavy metals are increasingly dumped into our drinking water supplies, like toxic fluoride which is a by product of aluminum processing. And no, it does not help with your teeth, it actually causes dental fluorosis and is not safe at any dose!


Recently, it's a big problem as big corporations dump these heavy metal chemicals into water supplies and don't get caught. In Flint, Michigan now there is so much lead in the water that it is poisoning the people by the thousands. I actually have a friend there that was very ill because of this and she is now recovering by using the methods you find below here.


Detox heavy metals regularly and get a heavy metal removing water filter like the pure effect water filter. If you live anywhere in the world that is industrialized, I highly recommend you do detox heavy metals so you don't accumulate them in your brain and body (leads to dementia and other brain and immune system disorder.). 

symptoms of heavy metal toxicity

Heavy Metal Poisoning Symptoms

There are signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity that you can usually tell that you've been exposed to an excess of heavy metals. Here are the most common heavy metal poisoning symptoms that people are currently reporting:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • mental confusion,
  • pain in muscles and joints,
  • headaches,
  • short-term memory loss,
  • gastrointestinal upsets,
  • food allergies
  • vision problems,
  • chronic fatigue
  • general weakness
  • nose bleeds

If you are experiencing any of these see your local physician as soon as you can. Here  is an article that shows the whole level of heavy metals poisoning symptoms. Hopefully you can find a holistic doctor that can help you heal safely. Detoxing is highly recommended as soon as you can. You can restore your health and cut your risks of serious illness by doing a regular heavy metals detox.

Heavy Metals Test Kit

Heavy Metals Lab Test

You can do a Heavy Metals Lab Test at home with the Professional MyLab Heavy Metals Test Kit (pictured above.) You don't have to guess or wonder how much of your life is being affected by the heavy metals in your food, drinks and environment, you can know for sure! Nothing is better than knowing for sure so you don't have to visit your doctor for mystery illnesses, which are mostly caused by toxins like heavy metals and viruses.


Your health is your true wealth, because if you're too sick or tired to enjoy life fully you'll soon discover that money can't buy everything. A little peace of mind is better than anxiety or constant worry. Test and see if you have heavy metals, gluten intolerance or even viruses and you can take the necessary steps to start enjoying a life without chronic illness. Detox heavy metals and see how much better you feel.

detox heavy metals

Natural Heavy Metals Detox

How can you protect your body by doing a regular Natural Heavy Metals Detox? There are specific natural plants, herbs and minerals that trap and absorb toxic heavy metals from your body while not causing them to release into your bloodstream. If they did when you detoxed you'd get very sick or even become mortally ill. I took these before I got my toxic mercury amalgam fillings removed (a whole mouth full) and didn't even get a headache. 


If you are using a fluoride toothpaste consider upgrading to a fluoride free toothpaste. If you are drinking tap water don't! They are filled with heavy metals that accumulate in your brain, shut off your immune system, cause infections in your body and zap your health! Always drink filtered water, and fill up your own bottle and not only save hundreds of dollars per year, but drink better quality water and not be part of the dependence on oil and plastic pollution problem. Below is the best natural method to detox heavy metals from brain and body..

how to detox heavy metals

How to Detox Heavy Metals from The Body

Here is how to detox heavy metals from the body and brain.  Detoxing heavy metal starts with your organs which store toxins, your liver, your kidneys, and your thyroid can hold on to them until they get clogged up. You need to flush them out so they can do their job in keeping you healthy.

  • Zeolite Pure – The best natural way to detox heavy metals, radiation, chemicals and toxins from your body. Best way to detox heavy metals from the body and brain safely,
  • Carbon 60 or C60 is one of the most potent natural anti aging supplements ever discovered. It is the Most Potent Antioxidant, Antiaging and Radiation Neutralizer C60 infused with olive oil increases your lifespan and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and protects the nucleus of your cells DNA from free radical damage and radiation damage including nuclear, EMF or EMR radiation from cellular and Wi-Fi devices. It also protects and can help prevent metabolic syndrome, diabetes, weight gain, inflammation, osteoarthritis and nerve damage that can cause ADD, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Epilepsy, Huntington's, Parkinson's, Seizures and other neurological conditions. It prevents and can reverse UV damage (a major cause of aging and skin cancers.) It is also a natural immune system protector and booster.
  • Peak Biome – Is a professional GI tract cleanser that helps flush the toxins that are being released from your body, particularly works well with zeolite to remove toxins from your body.
  • 5G EMF Protection – 5G is has a shorter distance (like a microwave oven) but more penetrating. That's why you see 5G towers everywhere because they need to be closer to your devices (and body) to penetrate and be received by the metallic reactors (you on graphene oxide and heavy metals.) You need to shield it away from you and block it out!.
  • Pure Effect Water Filters – These water filters have zeolite in them so they can absorb radiation particles, heavy metal particles, as well as viruses! Chemtrail residues are now in our water supply as it’s sprayed into our tap water source. This filter absorbs heavy metals, including radiation and fluoride, glyphosates, chloramines, chemtrail chemicals, PCB’s, Morgellons's fibers, superbug viruses. Get it out of Your drinking water!

Use any combination of the above herbs and natural supplements to cleanse and detox heavy metals, pesticides and radiation safely out of your body. Restore your health and feel the benefits in a day or two. Very powerful way to clear your body and mind, and even drop a few pounds!

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