What Are Zeolites?

what is zeolite

What Are Zeolites?

What Are Zeolites? Zeolites are a very important natural mineral that has some very unique properties. It is probably the one substance you will want to have around in your medical cabinet.  These Natural Zeolites are so powerful that they are the number one remedy for radiation exposure, heavy metal poisoning, viral infection and cancers. They remove harmful heavy metals like mercury, lead, barium, aluminum and nickel just to name a few. The miracle is in zeolites structure and ability to attract toxins and trap them, so your body can effectively flush them from your body safely and permanently.

Zeolite is an amazing natural mineral created when a volcano erupts and spews hot lava into the cool atmosphere and sea water below. They form into natural zeolite crystals that have a unique ability to detox harmful substances from the human body (and our animal friends too.) It has other uses because it is so good at trapping toxins, that it can be used for environmental cleanup (it was used in Chernobyl, and Fukushima) to clean up radioactive isotopes. It is also used for animal odor control (environmental grade.) Only use the Pharmaceutical or Therapeutic grade micronized zeolite powder for human consumption. 

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What is Zeolite Powder?

What are Zeolites and Powdered Zeolite and What is Zeolite Powder Used For? Zeolite powder is the form of zeolite that is used to detox and cleanse the human body from toxins. It is a natural cancer remedy and preventative, natural anti-viral and antimicrobial agent too. It is a highly alkaline and can help you prevent a lot of diseases because most diseases need an acidic body to thrive. Cancer and Virus infections need an acidic body to feed off of and you can stop them from living the good life in your body by making it alkaline.


Drinking alkaline or ionized water can be helpful too. Zeolite powder is naturally alkaline and soothing to your body. Micronized zeolite powder is the best because the particles are small enough to get into your cells and organs and draw out the toxins and microbials so they can be eliminated during your normal daily eliminations.


You can also get zeolite powder in liquid zeolite formulas for convenience. All you have to do is take a dropper full and swallow it, add it to questionable foods or beverages to prevent illness. The zeolite pure powder is the most economical as you get more zeolite per ounce than zeolite liquid, but both are very good.

Zeolite Crystals

What is Zeolite Made of?

What is Zeolite Made of? Zeolite (also known as Zeolit or Clinoptilolite) is a crystal mineral that has a highly symmetrical honeycomb shape that attract positively charged metals (that are damaging to our body) like a magnet traps metal filings. It is made up of silicon crystals that are beautiful and a living (yes, crystals are actually living and grow) example of sacred geometry (like the music of the spheres).


Have you ever wondered why our macro environment is called a Universe, meaning one verse or song? It's taught by our ancestors and greatest thinkers of all time (including most religions) that the word or sound began all material creation in this universe.

Zeolite Uses

What is Zeolite Used For?

What is Zeolite used for? Zeolites have many important and potentially live saving uses. They detox your body quickly of nuclear radiation like cesium 137 and Iodine 131. The also eradicate Viruses (Coronaviruses like Covid-19, Norovirus, Smallpox, Monkeypox, Rotavirus, H1N1, HIV, HPV, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc.)


What are Zeolites used for? They also remove heavy metals from your body (these cause Huntington's Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases to name a few). It is a natural cure for cancer as tumors are surrounded and smothered by the Zeolites molecule. The miracle is that these natural zeolites are safe for humans, plants and your best friends (pets)!


Zeolite Cancer


Zeolite for Cancer

Zeolite for Cancer. Zeolites are a natural remedy for cancer and also the medical treatment of cancer. It helps with the side effects of radiation (Zeolite is a potent radiation remover,) chemical toxins (chemotherapy) and protects you immune system after surgery (can be used before too.)

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Zeolite is highly alkaline and not only helps smother out cancer cells, but also quenches excess acidity in your body, a main reason why tumors form, and also gets of the viruses that cause cancer. Natural zeolite powder does a whole lot to protect you against cancers. For more information see Zeolite Cancer.



Here's an example of what zeolites structure can do for your health:


It only removes the positively charged type of toxins that cause illness and disease in our bodies. They work with your body and are much safer than (mercury containing) vaccinations for viral infections, because vaccines actually cause more disease than they help. There are also reports of microchip implants (satellite tracking devices) that are smaller than a grain of sand that are also in these vaccinations! Just say “NO!”

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Heavy Metals in Vaccines

What are zeolites used for? One of the biggest uses of natural zeolites is to detox heavy metals. It is one of the best ways to detox from vaccines because there is a high presence of Heavy Metals in Vaccines. Vaccines also have fetal tissues, chemicals, toxins and viruses. These vaccines have a toxic level of mercury, in fact it is 25 times higher than levels that are called “contaminated.” There is a link between vaccines and autism, vaccines and seizures and vaccines and cancer. The new vaccines also contain toxic graphene oxide and mRNA (DNA and gene changing) ingredients. Vaccines never have helped save anyone, better hygiene has.


The healthiest people are unvaccinated by a huge margin, and those that do get vaccinated usually end up sick with the same thing they were getting vaccinated against. It's a scam. Zeolite is great at safely getting rid of the heavy metals like mercury, toxins and microbials in vaccines. It can also help prevent cancer. It is a major part of the Vaccine Detox. There are certain heavy metal toxicity symptoms that will tell you if you're being affected by toxic heavy metals.


I was in the Marine Corps and got a bunch of vaccines at once. It was the only time I was ever really sick in my life. They told me it was just coincidence, but it was obviously not. I didn't know about zeolites then, but I do now, and took them as soon as I found out and my chronic headaches disappeared in a week!

Heavy Metals Toxicity

Heavy Metals Toxicity

What are zeolites used for health wise? Zeolites are the best heavy metal detoxifiers. Heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, barium, arsenic and others can cause mild to severe Heavy Metals Toxicity Symptoms, depending on the type of metal in your body and how long it has been there. If you have dental mercury fillings, you are slowly poisoning your body from the roots of your teeth into your brain and bloodstream.


Get them out as soon as you can and use zeolite powder before and after you have them removed. You can get a simple home test that will show if you how much heavy metals you have in your body. It can also show you how well your natural heavy metals cleanses like zeolites are working for you. Get your own home Heavy Metals Test Kit and know for sure! 


Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms include the following:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Cramps
  • Body Pain
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Convulsions
  • Skin rash
  • Insomnia
  • Hair Falling Out
  • Confusion
  • Emotional Instability
  • Skin Bumps or Lesion
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • Autism
  • Seizures
  • Cancer

If you have any of the above symptoms of heavy metals poisoning, then you need to do a zeolite powder detox as soon as you can. It is the premiere Heavy Metal Toxicity Treatment that is safe and natural. It has the unique ability to trap the heavy metals, toxins, viruses and cancer cells in its ionically charged honeycomb structure so it can be safely eliminated from your body. I got my mercury fillings removed (8 of them) and didn't even get a “mercury headache.” 

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Natural Antibiotics for Infection

Zeolites are powerful Natural Antibiotics for Infection! They are strip off the coating on viruses, bacteria and mycotoxins leaving them vulnerable and visible to your immune system. Zeolite has this very unique action that it know the signature of harmful microbes and leaves your healthy immune cells intact. It can save you and your family from a host of chronic diseases and protect you from viral epidemics and airborne infections.


Viral infections can be lethal and spread quickly like the Novel Corona Virus is doing now. In fact zeolite is one of the best Natural Treatment for Coronavirus you can get. Viruses are implicated as an underlying cause of cancer. The great thing is that this natural zeolites are highly affective against them both. It also keeps your body highly alkaline so you will not be a good host for a harmful microbe to live in and replicate. 


The micronized zeolite pure powder is the one used in scientific research and medical studies and is showing to be extremely effective against a whole host of pathogens and viruses. The Humic Acid complex in Zeolite AV is a proprietary concentrated product not found anywhere else on earth. What are zeolites used for? Natural immunity and immune system protection is a major usage of natural zeolite powder.

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Where to Buy Zeolites

Where to Buy Zeolites? You can get zeolite at some good natural health food stores. If you want to get the best zeolite at the best price, then you need to get it online, the quality is far superior as its from the main U.S. manufacturer and supplier of the most purified and highest quality micronized zeolite pure powder, called simply Zeolite Pure (pictured above.)


It is also the most economical zeolite type then powdered zeolite is what you need. Zeolite powder is the where all pharmaceutical or therapeutic grade zeolites come from. It needs to be highly micronized to enter the cells and organs and to draw out toxins completely. You can get the most pure zeolite (Zeolite Pure) as well as other formulas based on micronized zeolite powder at Natural Zeolite Powder.


Zeolite liquid is the easiest to use as it has a dropper and you can take it with you to places where you're unsure of the food or water quality. If you're looking for liquid zeolites that are made for human health consumption, then you can get the best natural zeolite formula for your needs at Liquid Zeolite.


You have discovered what zeolites are used for and why you should always have some zeolite powder handsy. Zeolite has many uses so there are specific formulas that you can use to cleanse, heal or alkalize your body for optimum wellness. You'll find zeolite detox formulas, and zeolite for cancer formulas, zeolite for immunity and zeolite capsules for IBS and intestinal detox. Nothing works quite like it. To see all the best types of zeolite reviewed or for more information on all zeolites visit Zeolite Reviews.

what are zeolites

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