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Herbs For Hair Growth

natural herbs for hair growth


Herbs for Hair Growth

Hair Loss is a normal part of the aging process, or is it? There is a natural growth, fallout, regrowth cycle that underlies all hair loss. Natural Herbs for Hair Growth can really help stop the excess hair fallout and receding hair lines. Sometimes our hair follicles become clogged up by excess hormones like DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in men and vitamin loss in women.


Natural Herbs for Hair Growth

There are also chemicals in the foods we eat and beverages we drink, as well as the things we put in our hair that cause excess hair loss. These chemicals cause an extended fallout cycle that you need to avoid to regrow your natural hair.


  • Biotin is probably the best known natural vitamin for hair growth. It is called Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H (as in hair) because of its hair protective and growth factors. It’s also really good for increasing skin density and tone, as well as stronger healthier nails. It helps with diabetes and cholesterol as well!
  • Nascent Iodine (Protects and energizes your thyroid gland so it won’t cause hair fallout)
  • Saw Palmetto Extract. Saw Palmetto possesses 5-Alpha-reductase inhibitory activity (same as finasteride or rogaine, without the harmful side effects). It prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, preventing BPH or prostate enlargement and premature cancers). It helps stop male pattern baldness and also hair loss due to excess DHT in women as well.
  • Astaxanthin Supplement – Works extremely well with Saw Palmetto extract to prevent DHT from causing hair loss and fallout. The most potent antioxidant, and anti-aging natural supplement by a wide margin.
  • Vitamin B12 is vital to energy production at the cellular level. It is typically a deficiency in those that follow a strict vegan diet. It can be safely added to your diet, in a vegan safe formula that will strengthen your hair follicles and make for shiny beautiful hair.
  • Nettle root has been used for centuries for shampoo and hair tonics. People also used it as a spring tonic, after a dark winter with no greens. After careful harvesting, it was often steamed for a green vegetable like spinach, or combined into soup. Use an extract to strengthen and grow new hair.
  • Pumpkin Seed was used by the Incas, Native Americans and Mayans to promote healthy, lustrous hair. Take an extract as capsules or you can also eat raw or roasted pumpkin seeds by the handful’s.

Begin by using natural herbs for hair growth that strengthen the hair follicle and stop these hair destroying chemicals from making you permanently bald.


why is my hair falling out


Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Why Am I Losing My Hair? Why is my hair falling out? I’ve asked myself that same question as I kept seeing more hair in my brush and sink after a simple combing in the morning. I even had nightmares about it falling all out. Anxiety was causing more damage than good so I had to find a natural way to keep my own hair and stop the fallout quickly.


Hair loss will occur to everyone to some extent during their lifetimes. There is a natural cycle to hair growth and hair loss. It’s only when this natural ratio becomes unbalanced, that the hair growth cycle is shortened and the hair shedding phase becomes predominant. This means that you will lose more hair than you grow back. There is plenty you can do to stop your precious hair from falling out, either down the drain or botched up en masse in your comb or brush.


hair loss phases


Main Causes of Hair Loss

While genetics certainly play a role in male pattern baldness or even baldness in women there are some things outside of genetics that can cause you to lose your hair prematurely. Here are the main causes of hair loss:

  • Age is the most common factor in hair loss. It will get thinner and be more brittle as the years pass.
  • Genetics, you typically inherit your hair growth and loss pattern from your parents. It is thought that it is mostly from your maternal grandfather’s side, but this is still debatable. This is what is referred to as typical male-pattern or female-pattern hair loss.
  • Thyroid Conditions like Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism
  • Excess stress or anxiety make your hair loss happen faster.
  • Prescription Medications, particularly Chemotherapy (a cancer causing treatment) will make you bald quickly.
  • Tightly bound hair, or use of chemical based shampoo, conditioner and hair products
  • Blow Drying Your Hair
  • Low quality diet, lacking in minerals
  • Ringworm in the scalp, which is most common in children.

Fortunately, there is a whole lot that can be done to restore your own natural luxurious hair without a lot of hassle or fuss.


regrow natural hair


Hair Regrowth Treatment

You can stop the excess hair fallout cycle, and regrow your natural hair by giving your scalp the nutrients it needs. A natural hair regrowth treatment includes using the right vitamins for hair growth (hair regrowth pills) as well as strengthening shampoo and laser hair regrowth products. Men and women have slightly different things that cause hair loss, so you should take a formula that addresses your individual hair loss needs.


Using the specific nutrients you need, you can regrow your own natural hair and stop it from falling out again. There are also advanced ways to stimulate your hair to grow naturally, like using a laser hair comb or hat that uses low level laser technology to stimulate clogged hair follicles so they can grow your natural hair once again.


regrow hair naturally


Hair Regrowth Pills

Use the following hair regrowth pills, herbs, vitamins and nutrients to strengthen your scalp, hair follicles and hair growth hormonal cycle:

  • Folexin (Specific Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs that are proven to regrow your own natural hair)
  • Profollica (Topical Hair Follicle Energizer that Flushes out DHT and Regenerates New Hair Follicle Growth – With added Regrowth Pills)

The above natural herbs for hair loss can really help you stop your hair loss and regrow your natural hair.  For specific hair growth vitamins, there are specific Hair Regrowth for Men, and Hair Regrowth for Women formulas that use the specific ingredients that cause male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. They are some of the nutrients that work better for men, and others for women. You strengthen your hair from inside, and nourish it from the outside.  


hair loss treatment for men


Hair Regrowth for Men

The best hair regrowth for men uses the above natural hair growth vitamins and nutrients, and adds specific hormone blockers that stop the by products of testosterone production in men (DHT) from sabotaging your natural hair growth. Use natural and chemical free shampoos and conditioners as well as hair products too. If they have too many names you can’t pronounce then they’re probably not good for your hair.


There is a great natural hair regrowth product for men that has everything you need to regrow your own hair and stop the excess fallout. It’s called Profollica (Pictured above) and it can help keep your hair on your head from falling out, and even regrew new hair follicles and restore your natural hair line. One of the newer things I’ve tried personally and have had excellent results with is using organic essential oils for hair growth. It has thickened my hair (loss around temples) and I am using the oil for gray hair too, and that is working fabulous!


hair growth oils


Hair Regrowth for Women

The best hair regrowth for women uses the natural herbs and vitamins that are needed for optimum hair growth in women. Women have fluctuating hormone levels that change as they advance in maturity. Nutrient and vitamin loss that can lead to female pattern baldness. It can be stopped by taking specific hair nutrients for women that stop the causes of female hair loss. You can use the Folexin nutritional supplement above, and use topical essential oils to regrow hair in thinning or balding spots.


In more critical hair loss, or when you need faster hair growth (like from undergoing chemotherapy), you may want to consider a hair regrowth laser system. You can use it with the hair herbs and nutritional supplements as well as the organic essential oils for hair loss and growth. You absolutely can get back your own natural hair.


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Laser Hair Regrowth

There is a brand new technology that is showing promise for severe hair loss, and it’s called Laser Hair Regrowth. The faster you recognize that you’re losing your hair, the faster you’ll get results with laser hair regrowth. It can even be used with the special vitamins and herbs for hair growth. This is the easiest way to use low level lasers to unclog your hair follicles and stimulate new growth.


It is working wonders for many people who had serious baldness patterns developing, and now have their own natural hairline and thickness restored. It works great by itself, but I do recommend you feed your scalp with the nutrients so it will stay there for good. Discover how fast and easy it is to be running your fingers through your own full head of hair (with less gray too)!