Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection


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What is a Yeast Infection?

What is a Yeast Infection? Well, A Yeast Infection is also a fungal infection caused by a specific fungus known as Candida Albicans. Once you get a yeast infection, you’re more likely to get another one unless you take preventative measures and use non-toxic Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection.


There are 4 main types of yeast infections that can affect both men and women:

  • Genital (Vaginal Infections in women and Penile Infections in men)
  • Oral Yeast Infections (also known as Thrush)
  • Diaper Rash (from a moist wet diaper that is against the skin for too long)
  • Systemic Yeast Infection (Invasive infection that spreads inside your body)


Candidiasis is a common yeast infection that affects about 3 out of 4 women at one point in their lives. Men can also get this but it is less common. Vaginal Yeast Infections are by and far the most common type of yeast infection encountered, and fortunately the easiest to treat naturally.


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Yeast Infection Symptoms

Genital Yeast Infections (Usually Vaginal Yeast Infections) can be spread by sexual contact and intimacy, but they aren’t actually classified as STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Here are the most common Yeast Infection Symptoms for Vaginal Infections, Thrush (Oral Yeast Infections) and Systemic (Digestive Tract Yeast Infections).


Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptoms:

  • Vaginal Itching and Redness
  • Vaginal Burning and Hotness
  • Vaginal Discharge (usually white and cottage-cheese looking substance)
  • Painful Intercourse
  • General Soreness around the genital area
  • Sometimes there will even be a mild or moderate rash
  • Strange Odor (beer or bread like)


Oral Yeast Infection Symptoms:

  • White Patches around the lips
  • Cracked Dry Lips
  • Dry Mouth (cotton mouth)
  • Feeling like something is stuck in your throad
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Strange taste in mouth


Systemic Yeast Infection Symptoms:

  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Flatulence (uncomfortable gas, bloating and farting)
  • New Food Sensitivities


Yeast infections can be not only annoying but socially awkward as well. We will look at the biggest causes of all the major types yeast infections, then give you the best natural treatments, that not only cure them, but also prevent them from happening again!


causes of yeast infections


Causes of Yeast Infections

There are many causes of yeast infections. If you’re like millions of other people who are having trouble getting rid of their yeast infections, you’re not alone. I know of a lot of people who thought that it was just a simple infection to treat with prescriptions and lotions but were quickly frustrated because it just didn’t go away. They were actually just feeding their yeast infection instead of taking away it’s fuel sources. You can see the most common yeast infection causes in this bullet list below:

  • Use of Antibiotics or Vaccines (They kill the good bacteria that prevents yeast and fungus overgrowth and weakens your immune system)
  • Weakened Immune System (See: How to Boost Your Immune System)
  • Hormonal Imbalance (Use hormone balancers like maca powder. See: What is Maca Powder)
  • Pregnancy (If this happens, natural treatments are the safest for your growing infant)
  • Excess Carbohydrate Intake (usually sugary foods that fungus and cancer cells thrive on)
  • Insomnia – Lack of Restful Sleep (see: Herbs for Sleep)
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus

Here is the natural way to treat yeast infection so you not only get some relief now, but won’t be susceptible to catch one again anytime soon.


candida albicans cleanse


Best Candida Cleanse

What is the Best Candida Cleanse Method? The best way to get rid of candida yeast infections is to to a regular candida cleanse. A candida cleanse gets rid of the yeast infections that are usually stored deep in your liver so you can stop them from being released over and over again. Candida Albicans is almost impossible to stop unless you detox your body from the inside (you just can’t treat it externally as it gets trapped in your liver until you cleanse it out.)


You need to use an internal and external treatment to get rid of it completely. A candida cleanse needs to be a liver cleanse. Taking epsom salt baths (alkaline) while detoxing your liver helps your body remove the acidity that is causing your yeast infection. Here is the Best Candida Liver Cleanse you can get that will prevent and treat your candida yeast infections quickly and naturally: Liver Cleanse


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Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Here is a list of the best natural Yeast Infection Home Remedies:

  • Take a Bath in Epsom Salts or Dead Sea Mineral Salts as they alkalize the area (yeast feeds on acids) for 10-20 minutes in cool/warm water
  • Clean the area with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Apply Organic Unsweetened Plain Kefir or Yogurt (Kefir recommended) on a cloth or towel and cover with plastic wrap (20-30 minutes a few times per day if you can). Kefir (you can even make your own at home) can help you reverse IBS and digestive problems too. Highly Recommended to eat or use on a daily basis!
  • Avoid excess sugars, starches, wheat gluten and drink water (coffee and wine can dehydrate you, so if you do drink them, also drink a glass of purified water preferably alkaline, with 1/4 lemon squeezed in with and of sea salt afterwards!
  • Try a Organic diet until you get rid of your yeast infection
  • Drink Alkaline Water (you can also clean and rinse the affected area with it)

These are great home home remedies that you can use if you have the ingredients and the time. For more information on the strongest and best treatments for yeast (100% guaranteed) visit the Yeast Infection No More website for advanced yeast infection removal tips.


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Yeast Infection Natural Treatment

Immediately start your Yeast Infection Natural Treatment so you can stop it before it causes other more serious illness in your body. There are some natural remedies you can use that will knock out your yeast infection quickly without side effects, and keep it away too. Here are best natural remedies for candida and yeast infections:

  • Candida Cleanse and Support – Natural Herbal formula that cleanses candida yeast of of your body
  • Zeotrex – A Liquid Zeolite With Fulvic Acid, Organic Herbs, and Immune boosting medicinal mushrooms. If you prefer to take capsules you can use the Zeolite-AV with Humic Acid instead.
  • Take Probiotics Regularly (They crowd out bad bacterial and help your natural immunity and digestion. 
  • Garlic Antibiotic is another great natural herb and food that has immune stimulating properties. You can eat it raw, cook it with food or take odorless capsules if you don’t want to smell like garlic.
  • Oil of Oregano (Natural Oil of Oregano is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial that helps break up the symptoms of bacterial and viral infections)
  • Get a Parasite Zapper and use it immediately! These small devices use a simple 9 volt battery and zap pathogens with an electromagnetic frequency that disrupts their breeding and weakens their skin so they literally explode. Your white blood cells (macrophages) then clean them up. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of alkaline water to keep them moving our of your system afterwards.
  • Homeopathic Remedies for Yeast Infection natural homeopathic medicine that works with the cleanses and herbs to stop yeast and candida from regrowing in your body while you are detoxing it out.

Use these and you will not only stop your embarrassing yeast infection symptoms, but stop it from returning again!