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Natural Ivermectin Alternative

Ivermectin is a natural malaria parasite de-worming medication that stops viral infections due to parasites and worms, particularly malaria larvae. It is highly important now days because the newer vaccines are manufactured with these malaria larvae as a carrier, and that’s why it affects people (and animals) in a harmful and potentially lethal way. Ivermectin (and HCQ) are available by prescription only, and most medical doctors make money off vaccines, so they will not prescribe this for anyone. Having life saving access to a Natural Ivermectin Alternative can save your life (or your loved ones), as well as prevent infection.


Natural Ivermectin Alternatives are a must have natural remedy now days. With covid-19 vaccines now using live malaria parasites and spike proteins (it’s the reason Ivermectin, Hydrochloroquine, Zinc, Silver and the best natural ivermectin alternatives work so well against coronavirus infections, whether caused by vaccine or by contact with an infected carrier (usually a recently vaccinated person, particularly with the second covid-19 vaccine. Ivermectin was based on the ancient herb wormwood mentioned in the bible for the same reason.


ivermectin for covid


Ivermectin for Covid-19

Ivermectin for Covid-19. Ivermectin is a natural dewormer originally used for malaria patients and animals (horses and dogs.) Malaria causing parasites in humans come from malaria carrying mosquitoes or getting the most recent vaccines. Mosquitoes also carry and transmit malaria borne viruses. Parasite infection can cause moderate to severe respiratory flu symptoms and can even be fatal. Live malaria parasites are even added to vaccines, including the Covid-19 and variant as well as flu vaccines (coronavirus) see: Live Malaria Parasites added to vaccines in Nature’s medical article.


Parasites are actually miniature organisms that live off healthy cells in humans or animals. They rob the nutrients and destroy the cells, organs and tissues of the infected person or animal. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a natural Ivermectin alternative handy for prevention or relief. You can have external parasites like leeches, ticks, lice and nits or internal ones like worms and viruses. The most common type of parasite infection in humans (besides viral parasites) are intestinal parasites. Also see: Vaccine Detox if you’ve gotten a recent vaccine, it just may save your life!


ivermectin and hydrochloroquinine


Ivermectin and HCQ

Ivermectin and HCQ for Covid-19 are life savers. HCQ is short for Hydroxychloroquine. The people pushing the vaccines absolutely don’t want you to know about these life saving medicines or the natural ivermectin alternative or natural HCQ alternative. They make thousands of dollars per vaccine, particularly when they hit certain percentage goals (think population control) and Bill Gates and friends have the money to help them hit their goals at your expense.


There are simple yet highly effective natural Ivermectin alternatives (natural Hydroxychloroquine alternatives as well) that really work and you should absolutely have some on hand for prevention and emergencies. Prepping for emergencies is no longer a luxury but a life saving plan for you and your family’s survival. For more great tips see: Prepper Supplies.


Hydroxychloroquine HCQ


HCQ for Covid-19

Hydroxychloroquine or HCQ for Covid-19 is another big helper in prevention and natural treatment of coronavirus infection. Even the medical system knows how well it works against the infection, see Hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19. Hydroxychloroquine HCQ is really just quinine extract which you can find at your local store as a beverage as Q Tonic in small amounts or quinine tonic with carbonation. You can also get a more potent form, from its natural source in a liquid extract, see: Quina Leaf Extract


They work best together or using the natural alternative for Ivermectin and HCQ shown at the bottom of this page. If you can get them by prescription, do get them. If you can’t make sure you have the Ivermectin and natural Hydroxychloroquine alternative in your emergency first aid kit. I like to have them on hand to protect my lungs from infection (what is affected most by covid-19.) For the best herbs to protect your lungs see: Best Herbs for Lungs


herbs for parasites in dogs


Parasites in Dogs

Your dogs and pets can be affected by these parasites as well as be carriers. They can be helped using the same natural ivermectin alternatives at the bottom of this page. Treating Parasites in Dogs safely and quickly is easy as you can get the Ivermectin for them by prescription, but they are  trying to limit them now so always know your alternatives and have them on hand for them or yourself.


But you can always get the natural Ivermectin alternative that works as well for humans and pets. The Parasite Removal Kit for Pets (pictured above) kills parasites in your dogs and helps protect them from infection.  I like prevention the most, so giving them clean fresh filtered water is one of the best thing you can do. I give my pets water from my Berkey Water Filter.


herbs for parasites


Anti-Parasitic Herbs

What are the Best Anti-Parasitic Herbs? Start with wormwood, black walnut hull, wood betony, clove and buckthorn if using them individually. I recommend a blend of the best parasite herbs like Super Paraclenz  Parasite Cleansing Herbs is an herbal parasite cleanse that stops intestinal parasites from laying eggs and kills the adults off quickly.


Here are the #1 anti-parasite herbs you should have on hand and use as a natural Ivermectin alternative for preventative as well as a parasite cleanse:

  • Wormwood
  • Black Walnut Hull 
  • Wood Betony
  • Buckthorn
  • Clove Flower Buds
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Garlic Bulbs

Use the best anti-parasitic herbs as the best natural Ivermectin alternative. Use them along with ellagic acid, colloidal silver, zeolite and a parasite zapper will absolutely cleanse these nasties out of your body ASAP!


Particularly now with vaccines having malaria parasites as well as live viruses in them. The zeolites help with them as well as the mercury and heavy metals in vaccines. They are safe for humans of all ages as well as your pets. You can find them organically at Hawaii Pharm Organic Herbs



Best Natural Ivermectin Alternative

Here is the Best Natural Ivermectin Alternative. Use the following natural herbs (in order of importance) to protect or remove invading pathogens while boosting your natural immune system. They safely cleanse covid causing parasites (particularly malaria parasites and larvae) from your body safely and quickly boost your natural immune system and damaged DNA to their natural healthy state. The first four natural ivermectin alternatives in this list are most important, although I use them all and have remained healthy and unaffected by anything going around. 

  • Raw CBDA Oil is a potent precursor to CBD that is the most potent immunity booster. It works particularly well against SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) spike proteins.
  • Super ParaClenz uses natural anti-parasitic herbs like wormwood, black walnut hull, wood betony and buckthorn plus support herbs is an herbal parasite cleanse that stops intestinal parasites from laying eggs and kills the adults off quickly.
  • Zeolite Powder – Zeolite is a powerful parasite scavenger that traps then flushes them out of your body. It is also a potent heavy metal, radiation, pesticide residue and anti-cancer remedy.
  • Lung Support protects your lungs from being damaged and filled with fluid (respiratory distress.) It has all the best vitamins, minerals and herbs for respiratory system protection in one easy to swallow capsule.
  • Ellagic Acid (pictured above) is a natural anti-parasitical, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. It also is a cancer preventative and tumor reducer. It is a blend of ellagic acid with the best herbs for parasites. It kills parasites and their larvae and draws them out of your body. It is safe for your immune cells but causes apoptosis (cell death) for cancer cells, parasites, yeast and fungus.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine is a potent antioxidant, cellular regenerator, DNA protector and spike protein buster. Get it while you can as it has now become illegal in a lot of states and it is very hard to find now
  • Glutathione – Powerful DNA and cellular protector. Your body’s #1 antioxidant as it protects (and helps your cells regenerate naturally, as in anti-aging and cell renewal) and restores your natural immunity to its optimum level.
  • Nascent Iodine is a Natural Iodine that protects your thyroid from radiation, infection, goiter, infection and even thyroid cancer. It is the best preventative against respiratory infections like coronaviruses (covid-19 and influenza) that affect your respiratory system. It also controls how much weight you can lose and how fast your hair falls out. Keep it healthy and be protected from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. 
  • Colloidal Silver is great for intestinal parasites as well as skin parasites. It can be taken internally or applied externally to get rid of parasitic infections.
  • Parasite Zapper uses micro electric pulses to dissolve parasites outer layer and stops eggs from hatching so you can detox them completely

Use these anti-parasitic herbs and minerals as an HCQ and natural Ivermectin alternative at the first sign of parasite infection or if you’ve recently had a vaccine. You can also use these anti-parasitic herbs for parasites as a preventative. I always have them on hand in case a friend or family member gets infected with them!

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