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Natural Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

What is Restless Legs


Natural Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

Can’t stop your legs from wanting to move or shake on their own? Can’t stop the pain and uncomfortableness in your legs? You may be experiencing Restless Legs. The medical treatment is usually with dopamine raising drug, but these always seem to have very serious side effects, sometimes worse than the original condition you were seeking help from. Natural Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome can stop it from keeping you up at night or at inconvenient times, without being dependent on them and with the harmful side effects.


What is Restless Legs?

What is Restless Legs? If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting ready to go to sleep, and then out of nowhere you get the sudden and constant urge to move your legs. The feeling just won’t leave, and sometimes can be experienced with severe painful cramps. No matter what you do you can’t seem to get lasting relief. You can’t find the comfortable position to calm your legs. That is the description of Restless Legs (Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS for short.)


RLS is also referred to PLMS (Periodic Leg Muscle Disorder) and the natural remedies and treatments are the same. You’re probably wondering what the causes of restless legs are. In most cases it comes down to three main things that you need to be aware of and correct if you want to be free from this uncomfortable condition. 


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Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome

There are few common Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome that you should be aware of:

  • Mineral Deficiency (Usually Low Iron levels in your body)
  • Hormonal Imbalance (Usually Low Dopamine levels in your body)
  • Elevated Toxin Level in the body (heavy metals, neurotoxins)

Here is what makes it worse:

  • Glutamate intake (MSG)
  • Pregnancy
  • Using Prescription Depression medications
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Nervous System Disorders
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

RLS is usually worsened with stress so exercising, swimming or even walking can help you relieve some excess stress and lessen your restless legs to an extent.  I’ve had RLS before and it made it hard to go out because I was afraid of what would happen if I was driving and my legs started cramping on me. Fortunately I’ve since discovered lasting restless leg syndrome relief, naturally.


Symptoms of RLS


Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

Do you have any of the following Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms?

  • Pain in a specific area of your legs
  • Very Painful Cramping that doesn’t easily go away, even if you stretch
  • Automatic Jerking movements in your legs
  • Automatic Leg Twitching
  • Tightness or Stiffness
  • A feeling of heaviness in your legs
  • Burning sensation
  • Numbness
  • Uneasiness

If you or a loved one is going through one or more of the above Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms, then you are probably dealing with RLS. Now, let’s see the most common causes and natural remedies for RLS.


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Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

The main culprits appear to be accumulation of toxins, mineral deficiency and poor nutrition. Treat the cause of RLS by taking care of those main issues and you will get lasting Restless Leg Syndrome Relief. Another issue with RLS is if you have insomnia and are sleep deprived (see: Natural Insomnia Remedies) or have chronic inflammation in your body (usually the main cause of most chronic diseases like arthritis and heart disease) as well as neurological conditions like Parkinson’s.


They are all connected so when you help one issue, you are helping treat or prevent the other ones at the same time. In pregnancy, your nutrition is being given first to the growing little one inside of you, so make sure to take a good pre-natal multivitamin and multimineral supplement with iron, organic preferred as you don’t want to add toxins back into your body.


Next is avoiding any toxins in the first place, particularly those that mess with your nervous system; aspartame (NutraSweet,) Glutamate (MSG), fluoride (Sodium Fluoride) and heavy metals like mercury and aluminum.  A good detox with natural zeolites can help your body get rid of most of those toxins and safely flush them out of your body.  Consider using a natural remedy for restless leg syndrome to get the fastest relief and prevent further RLS occurrences from happening again.


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Remedy for Restless Legs

What is the best Remedy for Restless Legs? The best includes the minerals that you need to prevent restless leg syndrome, particularly Iron and Magnesium. Homeopathic remedies are also great because they work to balance your hormones, and bring back your body (and restless legs) to their normal healthy state. Quinine based drinks and supplements also calm the nerves and urge to keep moving your legs to perceived pain. Cannabinoids are the ultimate nervous system calmer and has a total body healing and protecting effect. 


Restless Leg Remedies You need in the order of importance:

  • Iron Fuzion (Mineral deficiency is the biggest issue with RLS Symptoms and Iron is tops followed by Magnesium) Iron Fuzion is an Organic Iron from natural Plant Sources and is Absolutely the Best Iron Supplement
  • IntraCal (Calcium and Magnesium work together as a system to keep your bones, joints and nervous system working properly. Magnesium is usually deficient in RLS and Calcium is needed so Magnesium can be properly absorbed. The Orotate minerals are the best absorbed so they are highly recommended. That’s why it is by far the Best Calcium Magnesium Supplement)
  • Leg Pain Relief (Homeopathic Remedy that Balances Your Hormones (dopamine) and Stops RLS Symptoms)
  • Quinine Sulfate (Quinine Sulfate reduces Leg Cramps and lessens RLS Symptoms)
  • CBD Salve (Organic CBD Oil Salve works wonders to calm your nerves, ease away any pain and helps you feel totally relaxed. It has a very powerful healing effect on your body and is even cancer preventative. Always choose organic, because the pharmaceutical companies are now making genetically engineered GMO synthetic CBD Cannabinoids and hemp seed products which are very harmful!)


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