Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Herbs for anxiety

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Can natural Herbal Remedies for Anxiety really help you feel calm and focused? When it comes to feeling anxiety, panic, bipolar behaviors or even PTSD and depression, mother nature is usually the best answer for man or woman made problems. The only way anxiety can happen in your body is when you are out of balance in your brain, nervous system and emotional body.


We all can feel anxious when we are faced with stress in our lives. But having constant anxiety or even a panic attack is telling you that something is out of balance in your body. Using Anxiety Herbs can help you effectively deal with the physical, psychological and emotional stressed you face in your daily life. Herbal remedies for anxiety are also much, much safer and even more effective than harmful prescription meds, where the side effects are far worse, and can be more fatal than severe anxiety!


causes of anxiety


Causes of Anxiety Attacks

What are the Causes of Anxiety Attacks? Feelings the symptoms of anxiety can be triggered by many things in life. Including, illness, cancer diagnosis, job loss, severe health crisis and even broken relationships. Modern psychology has yet to provide an answer that works for most of the people, most of the time. By first recognizing the symptoms of anxiety you can discover what is triggering your anxiety and take a few natural steps before it causes that paralyzed feeling again. 


There is a Cycle of Anxiety that keeps you stuck until you recognize what is triggering your anxiety and use an approach to treating your anxiety symptoms that works for you. Using natural therapies like Herbal Remedies for Anxiety stops the causes of anxiety attacks and gives you the calm you need, so you can live your life fully without feeling out of control with uncontrolled nervous energy. Herbal remedies for anxiety help you achieve a calm feeling so you can stop the feelings of a panic attack coming on.


symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder


Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder or GAD for short leave you mentally, emotionally and physically drained. It can cause you to just freeze up rather than do anything. You may not want to leave your home or do anything with anyone anytime soon. Anxiety affects you on a mental, emotional as well as a physical state that can cause you to feel paralyzed and unable or unwilling to even ask for help when it occurs. Here are the most common Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety and panic attacks when they are about to occur:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Stress
  • Nervousness
  • Irrational Fear
  • Mood Swings
  • Sensitivity
  • Body Tension
  • Worry

If you are feeling any of the above symptoms or a combination of them, you may be experiencing anxiety that could lead to a full blown panic attack. You can be prepared and avoid feeling like this by taking a few natural herbal remedies for anxiety that really work well calming your emotional and nervous system so you feel ok instead of out of control. 


magnesium for anxiety and depression


Best Magnesium for Anxiety

Best Magnesium for Anxiety. Most people have excess calcium in their bodies due to it being added to almost all foods (and it’s the wrong type of calcium as it can’t be fully absorbed!) Sea shell based calcium supplements (calcium orotate is the best one) can’t be fully absorbed by your body and end up in your joints as joint deposits and create bone spurs as well. They end up in your arteries as atherosclerosis and in your brain as memory problems or dementia. Calcium competes with magnesium and causes stiffness in joints, muscle hardness and anxiety feelings! Natural magnesium brings calm to mind and body and properly balances every cell in your body.


Most people are actually magnesium deficient and it leads to all types of health conditions like anxiety, panic, depression, arthritis, heart disease, insomnia, constipation, muscle cramps and weak bones and teeth. Using a natural full spectrum magnesium like Magnesium Breakthrough (which has all 7 types of elemental magnesium) and is proven to give you a natural healing effects you can feel, body and mind. It is #1 natural mineral for anxiety relief. It just calms so you look and feel relaxed and in control. It can be used with any of the homeopathic remedies for anxiety relief, panic or even depression because they work on different pathway in your body. 


overthrowing anxiety


How to Stop an Anxiety Attack

How to Stop an Anxiety Attack. Anxiety and Stress affect millions of people all around the world. It can lead to severe feelings of anxiety or even panic attack. Modern medicine uses prescription medications that frequently do more harm than good because of very dangerous side effects. They even cause the things they are supposed to prevent (may cause suicidal thoughts or tendencies, yeah really.) There are natural holistic remedies like Overthrowing Anxiety (pictured above) that can stop anxiety from stopping you without the side effects of the prescription medicines for anxiety. 


Fortunately there is a much better solution that shows you How to Stop Anxiety Attacks before they ruin your day or worse. Using natural therapies like exposure to nature, natural sunlight, earthing or grounding, tapping therapy and natural Herbal Remedies for Anxiety can be your ticket to calm in the eye of any storm. See if you are experiencing any of the Anxiety Symptoms below and use the Natural Remedies for Anxiety to prevent and treat any existing anxiety causes safely and naturally. 


natural anxiety relief


Natural Remedies for Anxiety

There are Natural Remedies for Anxiety that are both safe and effective. They can help you prevent an anxiety or panic attack before your next one occurs. Natural Anxiety Remedies are far safer and even more effective than standard prescription medicines that just leave you hooked and incapacitated without them. It is always better to treat the cause and stop your anxiety feelings before they start so you can get real and lasting anxiety relief. Here are the best natural cures for anxiety:

  • Stress and Mood Support Formula is a blend of the top natural herbs for safe and effective anxiety, panic and depression relief
  • Best Type of Magnesium is a natural full spectrum magnesium supplement (which has all 7 types of elemental magnesium) and is proven to give you a natural healing effects you can feel, body and mind. It is #1 natural mineral for anxiety relief. It just naturally calms so you look and feel relaxed and in control.
  • Lithium Orotate (A natural mineral that is very, very helpful for optimum mental and emotional balance. So much so that Dr. John Gray, a world renown natural psychologist recommends it exclusively for anxiety, depression and bipolar issues)
  • Overthrowing Anxiety is for more severe anxiety and panic attacks. It is specifically for anxiety related issues and is proven highly effective.

Use the any of the above natural remedies for anxiety or a combination of them for complete anxiety relief. They all work together harmoniously as they use different pathways in the body and mind to stop and desensitize your body from having panic or anxiety symptoms. They help you feel calm and relaxed yet focused and in control, even when things seem to “hit the fan.” 


herbal remedies for anxiety

Herbs for Anxiety

Herbs for Anxiety are much safer, non-addictive, less expensive and even work better than their chemical counterparts (anxiety meds.) Mother nature has an answer for every physical ailment that we face on this earth. Anxiety and stress are no exception to this rule. There are quite a few natural herbs that can have a very calming effect and rewire our brain chemistry to program us for tranquility instead of panic.


Best of all these natural herbal remedies for anxiety relief are not habit forming and are relatively inexpensive too. Here are the best natural herbs for anxiety to use separately or in combination:

  • Full Spectrum Magnesium The natural mineral that 90% of people are deficient in. Calcium causes tension and hardness, magnesium causes relaxation, relief and calmness
  • Stress Relief Herbal Formula is a blend of the top natural herbal remedies for anxiety for safe and effective anxiety, panic and depression relief
  • Chamomile (Great Natural Remedy for GAD, General Anxiety Disorder)
  • Griffonia Seed Extract (Natural Source of 5-HTTP)
  • Gaba (Allows Your Brain and Nervous System to Relax Naturally)
  • Hops (Using an Extract of Hops promotes a calm, relaxed feeling)
  • Lemon Balm (Produces a Calm yet Alert state of being)
  • L-Theanine (Relaxing Nutrient in Green Tea, natural Anxiety Reliever, good for pre Exam stress)
  • Passionflower (Relieves excess Nervousness and Restlessness)
  • Valerian Root (Promotes natural feelings of relaxation, also good for insomnia)

You can find any of the individual organic herbal remedies for anxiety in capsules or powder extracts at Starwest. Take the anxiety herbs or any of the safe and effective natural anxiety remedies before you feel anxiety coming on, or even while you're having a panic attack.


It really helps you get past the stages of anxiety-stress-panic-freeze and into peaceful calm, knowing that everything is really OK when all is said and done. Any worry or stressful thoughts were not necessary, but being calm in the eye of the storm is priceless. Use the above herbal remedies for anxiety relief and start feeling like you know you deserve to feel.

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