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Herbs for Depression

Herbs For Depression


natural herbs for depression and anxiety


Natural Herbs for Depression

Feelings of Depression and Anxiety can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes you can just wake up and for no particular reason feel slightly or even heavily depressed. It could be from dealing with a bad dream, or having challenging negative thoughts run wild through your mind. It can be from not feeling loved, or having no family or true friends. There are many reasons why we can feel depressed at times, sometimes life’s circumstances can give us a reason to feel depression if we don’t seem to know how “feel ourselves” again. Natural Herbs for Depression and Anxiety can help you get back to being you.


We know these feelings exist and you may have every right to feel that way temporarily. Just realize that there are answers to the question “How Can I Feel Happy Again?” You can take your feelings of depression and turn that same energy into something that will make your heart pitter patter once again. The first step is not to deny it, but to acknowledge it, take ownership of it, and realize that is just where I am at right now.


woman walking to the water


Why Do I Feel Depressed?

Why do I feel so Depressed lately? I used to ask myself that quite a bit. I’ve personally lost my mother to suicide when I was a teenager. My father also transitioned after years of heavy drinking and drug abuse. I also didn’t have any other living relatives that seemed to gave a darn about me. I grew up in many foster homes, boys homes (friends came and gone, just like that because of constant relocation, so I felt like I had no friends either.)


I got tired of some of the abuse of these foster homes so I moved out and on the streets, till that got too dangerous and unproductive for me. So I can definitely identify with some of the things you may be going through right now too. I eventually joined the United States Marine Corps and got some structure to my life. It was a step in the right direction at that time in my life. I’ve since learned how to live life the way I want to and discovered things that work very well for me and have helped others move into happiness, no matter what is going on around them.


I’ve even personally helped a few people who were on the bridge of suicide, take power over their thoughts and they are the shining beautiful people I knew they really were. The same can be your story with a few changes of thought. There are some things here that will definitely help you accept, then release those feelings and move into the happier state you were born to live. If you are having thoughts of suicide, then before you do anything else, please call a Crisis Hotline or Suicide Prevention.


herbs for depression and anxiety


Causes of Depression

The causes of depression can be due to many things. Here are a few of the most common ones:


  • Death of a close family member or loved one
  • Severe illness of a close family member or loved one
  • Breakup or Termination of an important relationship
  • Divorce (or relocation of a spouse or partner)
  • Financial Hardships (job instability or termination, lawsuits)
  • Living in the past (still hanging on to hurts from childhood or later)
  • Chemical Addictions (prescription or recreational)
  • Legal Issues (the loss of the feelings of freedom)
  • Unsure of how or why you are feeling this way (common)


The causes can be known or unknown, but the symptoms are very real and you do need to let people you can trust know. Or if you are feeling like you have no one to trust at the moment, sometimes going to a nature spot like a beautiful park or walking along the ocean can really help you feel more grounded. By using a Holistic Treatment for Depression you can let go of all that unneeded stuff, that probably isn’t even yours anyway, and allow the natural feelings of wellness and happiness to move into your mind body and spirit.  


natural ways to beat depression


Holistic Treatment for Depression

  • Natural Sunlight – Get at least 20 min. of direct sunlight (except 10am-2pm)
  • Full Spectrum Lighting (Provides natural mood enhancement as well as natural vitamin D)
  • Homeopathic Remedies for Depression (Natural way to stop negative thoughts and emotions)
  • Fluoride Free Water – (Fluoride, although the active ingredient in Prozac and other prescription medications, actually leads to deeper depression and is a brain toxin)
  • ExerciseAt least 20 min. per day of any exercise, even walking (outdoors preferable)
  • Watch Comedy and Listen to Uplifting Music
  • Color Therapy (choose bright colors, particularly vibrant ones like yellow and green)
  • EFT Tapping Therapy– The Emotional Freedom Technique works extremely well for suffering with depression.  You simply tap on specific acupuncture points to release the stored memories that trigger negative or depressing thoughts or actions. You then replace those negative memories that are causing you to feel and reactive in a negative way with a positive responses. It works really well for all types of depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, stress relief, performance enhancement, and even for overcoming phobias)
  • Depression Free Therapy -For Moderate to Severe Depression Relief (A system that helps you understand why you’re feeling depressed and how to move into happiness and get the load off of your shoulders)

Use any of the above natural therapies along with some simple Herbs That Help With Depression, and let it work for and with you. Let depression check out, and more harmonious vibrations to check in. Get nature on your side and the fog will lift and you will feel your place in this universe again.

herbs for depression

Herbs That Help With Depression

Fortunately for all of us God (as well as Science and Mother Nature) have given us some assistance on our path to finding joy in life again when we seem “stuck” by life and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Begin by adding a few of these natural herbal remedies to your daily routine and you can at least help move your mental outlook to a much brighter one.

I do not recommend the use of any prescription medications except in emergency situations as it is only a temporary band-aid that just covers up the source of the problem. What you really want to do is to move past those feelings and regain (or experience for the first time) the joy in life that is your birth right!


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