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Natural Allergy Remedies

Natural Allergy Remedies


Natural Allergy Remedies

Prescription and over the counter medicines for allergies can help in a pinch, but do not work long term as you need more and more until they no longer work at all. And the side effects are very damaging to your body. Natural Allergy Remedies are different, they treats the cause of your allergies instead of just trying to cover up the symptoms (while creating imbalance and bad side effects elsewhere in your body.)


There are some common allergy symptoms that you should be aware of. The most common type of allergy is seasonal allergies that have to do with certain plants blooming or seeding and spreading through the air. If you have an allergy to that substance, whether pollen or other airborne allergen, you may start sneezing, coughing, wheezing or have and itchy throat. Allergies can also affect your skin, showing up as hives or rashes on your body. Eye allergies are also common and can make your eye swell up and even have pus in it from rubbing your itching eyes. 


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Natural Remedies of Allergies

A much better alternative is to use Natural Remedies of Allergies that stop the triggers and the symptoms too. So, what is an allergy and why are you allergic to any substance? An allergy is having a high sensitivity to a substance (inhaled, touched or eaten) that causes an inflammatory response in the body called histamines. Histamines are the substance that causes your allergy symptoms to rise up when they are triggered.


Your body is trying to block the substance by creating inflammation in your body so nothing can get through. That’s why you sneeze, eyes water, you cough, and you have to blow your nose – your body is trying to get rid of the offending substance that is triggering the histamine response and your allergic symptoms. You don’t need to take harmful medicines which do more harm than good and stop working after a few uses. Just use the natural remedies for allergies and you can be allergy free this year! 


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Common Allergy Symptoms

What are the most common allergy symptoms? Allergies to pets or other animals and their fur or skin (dander) is becoming more common. Food allergies are very common, and almost everyone has at least one food allergy. Mold allergies are common for people that live in cold moist climates. There are allergies to prescription medicines and even natural herbal ones. Then there are mold, dust and mites that cause allergies.


Mis-diagnosed Gluten Insensitivity has become very common now days. With gluten intolerance you may be in fact allergic to the gluten in wheat, but new evidence is showing that it is not the gluten in wheat you are allergic to but the pesticides like Round Up (Glyphosate Toxicity) that the wheat is sprayed with and also drenched in right after it is harvested.


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Severe Allergies

Be aware that there are some severe allergies that can lead to anaplylactic shock or anapyhlaxis which is an emergency for which you should call 911 immediately for. These are usually from an inhaled chemical substance, prescription medicine, bug bite or sting or serious allergy to food. Please get to an emergency room if you have severe breathing troubles or heart palpitations.


There are many effective natural allergy remedies that don’t have the negative and sometimes dangerous side-effects of commonly prescribed and over the counter medications (that never heal, and quickly loose their effectiveness). Our focus in on finding and eliminating the source of the allergy not just masking the symptoms. A newer method that is helping stop this type of medical emergency is EFT Tapping Therapy, discussed in a section below.


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Types of Allergies

There are many Types of Allergies that can affect you anytime of the year. Knowing what they are and being proactive (having the right thing on hand before) can help stop your next allergy attack before it even happens. The allergy types below will be discussed below with the best natural or home remedies for allergies along with them.

  • Medication Allergy – Usually from the side effects of a strong prescription medicine
  • Plant Allergy – Usually from pollen or ragweed and causes a histamine response in your body and may cause asthma or wheezing
  • Food Allergy -most commonly caused by wheat, dairy, eggs, GMO Foods  (Genetically Engineered) and processed foods, or food additives
  • Mold Allergy – caused by mold spores, usually in dark, slightly damp places, or where there is a water leak close by
  • Eye Allergy – Allergic Conjunctivitis, usually caused by seasonal irritants like dust, mold, pollen and cats
  • Cat and Dog Allergy – usually caused by pet dander, the dead skin and pet hair, that may make you start wheezing and get a rash, or if you touch your eyes an Eye Allergy
  • Dust Allergy – caused by dust mites and also the electrostatic charge and shape of the dust particle upon your tissues

Most of these natural allergy relief therapies and herbs can be used at home or you can take them with you before you go out into a place where you want to be safe from an allergy attack. It is always best to know exactly what is causing your allergies, and only then can you successfully stop your allergies before they happen. Get a simple hair test to see what is causing your allergies for sure by clicking on the allergy intolerance test kit in the image below. 


Food Allergy Testing Kit


Allergy Test at Home

Stop eating foods that are making you sick and creating allergies. Get a professional Allergy Test at Home kit that shows you exactly what you need to avoid to stop allergies, upset stomach, intestinal problems. It test for all possible food allergies as well as non-food allergies. It tests for over 700 different food and substance allergies by using a simple hair sample. It also tests for food allergies, pet allergies, smoke allergies, perfume allergies, cleaning product allergies and other environmental substances you encounter in your daily life; work, home or play, you’ll know exactly what isn’t good for you.


Most people are gluten or lactose intolerant and don’t even realize it. They suffer because they don’t realize it and continue eating things that are making them sick. You feel so much better when you can eat, drink and live without allergy symptoms causing you distress. Order your allergy test and start living a better quality of life, without allergies! To get your hair sample allergy test kit and find out now visit Home Allergy Test Kit


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Herbal Allergy Relief

Herbal allergy relief is a safe and effective natural way to treat and prevent allergies before they happen. The best cure for allergies is prevention and knowing what to do or take when faced with one. There are many types of allergies and it’s good to have the right thing for the right type of allergy you’re experiencing. You can start with the most common type of allergy which is seasonal allergies. Allertrex (pictured above) is a good herbal allergy relief formula that is the closest thing to a natural cure for seasonal allergies that you can find. It protects your sinuses, lungs, throat and airways from airborne allergies. 


There is a good system to help you desensitize from your source of allergies, particularly if it is a beloved pet or something you can’t avoid. It is called NAET. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, also known as NAET®, are a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures. You can find his groundbreaking book here: NAET – Say Goodbye to Asthma.


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EFT Therapy

EFT Therapy is the Emotional Freedom Technique that teaches you how to tap on acupuncture or acupressure points to stimulate or negate an allergic response. It even works well for fear bases scenarios like speaking, flying, water, heights or any other stressful situation. Learning EFT can help you stop your body’s histamine response and stop the signs of allergy attack from happening. This is accomplished by repeating an EFT mantra: “I completely love and accept myself” while tapping with your index and middle fingers over the basic EFT acupuncture points.


This has the effect of “clearing” or “resetting” your experience to the substance or situation in question. It works by sending electromagnetic signals through specific acupuncture or meridians in your body’s human energy field. Tap these specific points three times in the following order on one side while repeating the EFT mantra: Inner eyebrow, outer edge of eye socket, under eye, under nose, under lips, collarbone, armpit and karate chop point. 


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Sinus Headache Relief

If you are currently suffering with sinusitis or a sinus infection with painful congestion that causes severe headaches, you will want to look into getting natural sinus headache relief. When you get a severs sinus headache you really can’t do anything because the pain is intense and you can’t even see straight because it affects your eyesight. I used to just have to lay down and push on my sinuses for hours till I got a little relief. Fortunately I found something much better so I don’t have to waste an afternoon again.


A sinus infection usually causes a severe sinus headache that nothing seems to be able to touch. You need to clear out the infection to stop the pounding in your head, because nothing else will. Most pain medicines won’t even touch a sinus headache! I’ve had them before and it was real bad till I treated it by taking herbal remedies for allergies like Allertrex at the first sign that I was having allergies. It has really helped stop the sinus headaches, congestion, pressure and stuffiness.



Sinus Allergy Relief. If your sinus troubles is due to allergies then you can use a natural allergy relief formula like Allertrex to clear it up quickly. If it is an infection you will want to use a nano colloidal silver formula that you can use to irrigate your sinuses and wipe out any sinusitis infections quickly. It is the ONLY thing that has worked for me to stop sinus infections quickly. You can use the allergy spray after you use the colloidal silver.


I put mine in a small atomizer bottle or empty spray bottle and tilt my head upside down for a minute, pinch my nostrils together and then blow my nose. It may take a few times doing this but relief at last! Allertrex sinus formula uses two natural therapies (homeopathic and herbal) in a synergistic blend that works even more powerfully than using separate formulas. Without side effects, this should be your first line of defense against allergic attacks or reactions. To relieve your sinusitis and other allergies click on the Allertrex bottle below now.


natural allergy remedyAllertrex Benefits

  • Quickly brings relief to eyes, nose, sinuses and chest areas
  • Brings histamine levels back to normal
  • Relieves mucous membranes and drainage
  • Promotes long-term respiratory health
  • Stabilizes the immune system
  • Reduces skin irritations
  • Quick Release Formula gets to work instantly



Mold Allergy Treatment

Mold allergies are becoming more common, especially for those that live or work in colder damp climates or with a plumbing problem, known or unknown. Using a natural Mold Allergy Treatment can save you from a lot of chronic illness, particularly with allergies and asthma attacks. Mold spores slowly smother away your ability to take full deep breaths. The best thing is to prevent it if you possibly can. Getting a Negative Ion Ozone producing air purifier like the Pionair Air Purifier (shown at the bottom of this page) can stop not only mold, but also airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and other airborne toxins from entering your lungs and bloodstream in the first place. An ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure.


Mold, Yeast and Fungus love cool damp areas and they feed off the moisture mixed with natural ingredients or simple fibers, especially ones that are easily converted to sugars. If you live or work around cool damp areas and don’t have an air purifier, then you will want to make sure you protect yourself against these mold spores that are highly airborne and can cause respiratory illness. There is a natural herbal blend called Mycozil that takes care of it quickly and safely. It not only protects you from mold, yeast and fungus, but improves your overall health, particularly that of your digestive system. Click on the Mycozil bottle below and don’t suffer from an eye allergy anymore!


natural mold allergy treatmentMycozil for Mold Allergies

  • Natural detoxification of Mold Spores
  • Stops Chronic Yeast Infections
  • Gets rid of Fungal Infections
  • Maintains healthy circulation
  • Natural immunity enhancer
  • Feeds your healthy bacteria (crowds out the bad ones)
  • Natural health and energy booster 



Best Air Purifier for Allergies

The Best Air Purifier for Allergies is a negative ion producing and ozone generating ionic air purifier. If you’ve ever been right next to a waterfall you know how good you feel afterwards. It is because of the negative ions given off by the flowing water mixed with the electrical properties of the minerals in the water and atmosphere. Negative ions are extremely beneficial for your health. Combined with the power of ozone (natural cancer preventative and healing agent) that stops disease causing organisms from harming your body.


These air purifiers are by far best for allergies, asthma and people who are experiencing respiratory conditions because they will attract and absorb any allergens and airborne germs before they get into your eyes, sinuses and lungs. They are not simple air filters, but powerful air purifiers that clean the pathogens and allergens before they get into your body. Click on the Pionair Ionic Air Purifier (shown below) prevent and Stop Your Allergy Attacks Before They Even Begin!


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