Natural Kidney Cleanse


natural kidney cleanse


How to Cleanse Your Kidneys

Your Kidneys are vital to your health and survival. They are bean shaped (they look like kidney beans, but about the size of a small fist), and are located at the bottom of your rib cage, towards the back side of your body. The left kidney is an inch or so higher than the right one. Your adrenal glands sit on top of each kidney as well and create adrenaline when faced with a stressful situation.


Healthy Kidneys filter waste products out of your blood and into your urine to be excreted from your body safely. They help regulate blood pressure and they purify about 200 quarts of blood daily. If you protect them they will protect you for a lifetime. There are some kidney problems that can arise from daily living and as a part of normal aging. Take a look at the following most common kidney problem symptoms.


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Kidney Problem Symptoms

Kidney problems can happen because a a few reasons and most can be alleviated by drinking specific drinks like alkaline water, cranberry juice and taking some kidney protecting herbs. You can click on the bold text if you’re dealing with that specific kidney problem.

  • Kidney Infections (Also called UTI or Urinary Tract Infections)
  • Kidney Stones (Hardened calcified matter that causes severe lower back pain)
  • Kidney Cysts (Lesions in the kidneys)
  • Kidney Disease (Can lead to Renal Failure if not treated)
  • Kidney Cancer (Cancer of the Kidneys)

The advanced stages of kidney disease or cancer can be fatal if you’re not actively doing a treatment, whether medical or holistic. You can always benefit from a natural kidney cleanse or kidney detox to help liquefy stones, stop infections and remove toxins that are causing kidney problems.


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How to Keep The Kidneys Healthy

You can keep your kidneys healthy and working optimally by taking a few preventative measures like proper hydration as well as regular kidney detoxing and cleansing. If you cleanse your kidneys you may never have to be faced with kidney stones, infections, cancer or even kidney disease. Prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!


Use the following kidney detox and cleansing guidelines in the section below and you can protect your kidneys and prevent a lot of pain from happening. If you’re dealing with a current kidney related issue, it can really help you get over the hump and heal naturally.


natural kidney cleanse


Kidney Detox

A natural kidney detox can be done at home, using a few juices, herbs and detox methods. If you have access to a dry or infrared sauna it can not only help you detox your kidneys, but your whole body! It helps your body release toxins, burn out infections, raise your metabolism and improve skin tone as well.


Try to drink four 8 ounce glasses of filtered and optimally alkaline water per day. Ionized water is best as it not only alkaline but antioxidant quality water, it has an ORAC rating. You can also drink two glasses of pure cranberry juice, organic highly preferred as that will help flush your kidneys and prevent large painful kidney stones from forming. Then take a few natural herbs for kidneys to cleanse them and you’re on your way to complete optimum kidney health to last a lifetime.


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Herbs for Kidneys

When you cleanse your kidneys you will want to use wildcrafted or organically grown herbs because the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are one of the reasons the kidneys get clogged up, infected and develop cancer to begin with. They may be a little harder to find, but non-organic herbs will not do the job as they are adding toxins to your kidneys, organs and blood stream.


Use the following Kidney Cleanse Herbs to keep your kidneys healthy and pain free:

  • Organic Horsetail Herb
  • Organic Urva Ursi Root
  • Organic Chanca Piedra Herb
  • Organic Hydrangea Root
  • Organic Goldenroot Herb
  • Organic Marshmallow Herb

You can also add in fulvic acid and/or zeolite if you suspect an infection or want to prevent one! You can even get most of the recommended herbs in one formula called Renaltrex, that is organic! The only thing not included that I recommend is the Zeotrex (liquid zeolite), which you can add later or together for a more full body detox. 


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