Natural Treatment of ADHD

natural treatment for adhd

Natural Treatment of ADHD

ADHD is becoming a more frequent condition than ever before. ADHD diagnosis has increased by 43% since 2003. ADHD affects how well you can focus, concentrate and get things done. It also affects your social interactions with others, including your parents, spouses, friends and other important relationships. It is a sign of neurotransmitter imbalance (brain hormones and chemicals) as well as a sign of toxicity in your body. Natural Treatment of ADHD helps restore balance in you brain and nervous system while removing any toxins that may be interfering with healthy cognition (thinking, reasoning and decision making.)


Medical doctors routinely prescribe powerful medicines like Adderal, Vyvanse, Ritalin and Prozac to both children and adults that are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. What that does is heavily mask your problem without fixing a darn thing. It makes you and your children feel lethargic and literally dumbs you down. Holistic and herbal medicines are a much safer and more effective way to restore proper brain and nervous system balance so you can move past ADHD with ease. 


what does adhd mean


What Does ADHD Stand For?

What does ADHD stand for? ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and closely related to as ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. The only difference between the two is that with ADHD you are hyperactive rather than being more sedate. It is considered a neurotransmitter (brain hormone and chemical) disorder due to excess neurological or nervous stimulation in children and even adults. 


It is now affecting 12% or more of school aged children (this varies with the school or parent noticing and reporting this disorder). Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adult ADHD) is far less common than child ADHD. If you have been diagnosed with Adult ADHD, then you will want to find ways to bring natural balance to your mind and body. Natural herbal remedies can help both adults and children who may be experiencing the effects of dealing with ADHD in their lives. 


children with adhd


Children with ADHD

Children with ADHD is increasing by about 42% since Y2K. It is much more common in boys than girls. Girls do have better ways to cope because they mature at a faster rate during their childhood years. The signs of ADHD can continue into adulthood if not treated effectively, or if masked with harsh pharmaceutical medications instead of natural remedies that treat the cause and restore proper body and brain balance.


People with ADHD need time outdoors in nature, time in the sun, time in the water. It helps balance your brain chemistry and grounds you so you can stay calmer longer. What you eat also very important. The chemicals in the standard American Diet or SAD diet for short, is harmful rather than beneficial for their mental and physical health. Harmful Food Additives like aspartame, sodium fluoride and MSG are toxic to your brain and nervous system and you should avoid them at all costs! Consider switching to organic non-GMO type foods, without the added chemicals and see if it doesn't help their behavior and focus.


Adult ADHD


ADHD in Adults

ADHD in Adults  affects women and men in a similar way as it does to kids. You have greater control than kids do so you will be understand how it is caused and how to stop it from making your life chaotic. Adults with ADHD have trouble relating with others, as well as focusing, concentrating and completing tasks you start. You can quickly lose interest and even become moody when asked for answers on what you are working on at the moment.


Men and women with ADHD experience learning challenges until you treat the underlying causes of ADHD. Low brain and nervous system energy are common effects when you are dealing with adult ADHD. It can be successfully treated without having to use potentially dangerous medicines. You can improve your experience of life by taking care of what is causing your ADHD. You will look and feel much better because your mind can create your state of happiness in life. When you feel good, you look better, you relate better and your appearance shows it.


Causes of ADHD


Causes for ADHD

Causes for ADHD? ADD and ADHD can be a learned behavior or psychological condition depending on whether the affect person is a child or an adult. The most common cause of ADHD are environmental toxins like heavy metals and pesticide residues that end up in the brains and nervous systems of those affected with it. Sodium fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste is a major cause. Vaccines contain heavy metals like mercury, copper, fluoride and even viruses and bacteria that can interfere with normal brain signals. It is important to perform a heavy metal detox to safely remove any toxic metals that cause neurotransmitter imbalances out of your brain and nervous system to take that cause of ADHD away. 


It is also best to avoid drinking tap water and most bottled water unless it has the fluoride, chlorine and toxins removed. Vaccines are harder to avoid because of the power of lawmakers to influence institutions to make it a requirement that you must get one. There are exemptions but they are hard to get approved. I would do everything I could to make sure my kids don't get these toxins that lead to ADHD and Autism. If they you or your children are ever “forced to get a vaccine” then immediately do a complete vaccine detox. It can save their lives! (There are a couple of the best vaccine exemptions in that article.)


Yeast toxicity is another known cause of ADHD, because yeast is really a fungus (candida) and when you have a yeast infection that means it has taken over the balance between it and healthy bacteria in your body. It is a lot harder to get rid of and release from your body. A lot of chronic conditions have either yeast or viral infections as one of the core causes of the disease, including cancer. If you do suspect a yeast or fungal infection you can use a natural natural remedies for yeast infection to stop yeast from causing ADHD symptoms in children.


signs and symptoms of adhd


What are Symptoms for ADHD?

What are symptoms for ADHD? The symptoms of ADHD can vary according to the individual and their personality type. Here are some of the most noticeable ADHD symptoms in adults and children:

  • Easily Distracted
  • Lack of Short Term Memory
  • Easily Bored or Agitated 
  • Appearing “spaced out”
  • Inability to Follow Directions
  • Excess Squirming or Fidgeting
  • Incessant Chatter (talking to anyone or anything)
  • Always Having to Have Something in Your Hands
  • Not able to Remain Still for any length of Time
  • Does not work and play well with others! (The classic line)

These are just a few of the most common signs of ADHD. Using heavy prescription medicines do more harm than good and do not solve the problem. Holistic treatments for ADHD encourage healthy behaviors and habits instead of sweeping the problem under the rug. There are some really good herbs, vitamins and minerals that can reverse the cause of your ADHD without harmful side effects. Natural Magnesium can be very helpful. 


magnesium and adhd


Magnesium for ADHD

There is a definite link between Magnesium and ADHD in children and adults. Magnesium for ADHD symptoms. One recent study found that 58% of participants that have ADHD symptoms have low magnesium levels. Supplementing with the best type of magnesium (a full spectrum magnesium) greatly improves the negative signs and symptoms of ADHD. Calcium is in everything and it throws off the balance between it and magnesium. Calcium hardens (muscles, bones, joints, arteries) and causes constipation and insomnia. Magnesium relaxes your mind and body. It prevents muscle cramps, anxiety, depression, overthinking, insomnia and is more important for you joints than calcium alone. Balance is key.


Methylation (which affects neurotransmitters like dopamine) is usually imbalanced in children with ADHD or ADD symptoms and is what medical doctors usually prescribe the pharmaceutical Ritalin for. There are much safer alternatives like using a full spectrum magnesium and neurotransmitter and hormone balancing herbal formula called Body Brain Energy, shown below. I would avoid prescription medicines for ADHD as the side effects and long term effects can cause real damage.


medication for ADHD


Natural Medicine for ADHD

There is nothing better in my experience than using simple herbs, minerals and vitamins in the proper ratio to bring the brain and body back into harmonious balance. When your body is in proper balance and ease you lack disease or dis-ease literally. Using a Natural Medicine for ADHD like Brain Body Energy (pictured above) actually helps your brain and nervous system restore optimum neurotransmitter balance (dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine) It naturally treats the methylation cause of ADHD with nutrients that stabilize mood, focus and calm energy levels without the jitters or side effects.


It helps oxygenate your brain and provide natural energy. It improves hand/eye coordination and improves reaction time. It is a natural nootropic (brain and mental enhancer) that helps naturally boost your concentration, cognition and mental processing speed and abilities. It also helps repair damaged DNA that can cause ADHD symptoms in children and adults. It is highly recommended as it has helped many people experience a calm and focused energy so you can be, do or accomplish anything without distraction. To feel calm focused energy today, just click on the Body Brain Energy image above. 

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