What Are Herbs?


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Natural Herb Remedies

You hear everyone talking about herbs, and even natural herb remedies, but you may not know exactly what they are and what they can be used for. So if you ever asked yourself “what are herbs” then you’re about to discover a huge body of knowledge of the power of herbs.


Herbs can be used as culinary herbs (herbs used to flavor foods), ornamental herbs (herbs used to make your home or garden look beautiful) or what we focus on here Medicinal Herbs (healing herbs used to heal or help your body get relief from an illness, or improve physical or mental performance.)



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Herbal Solutions

There is a Herbal Solution for just about every problem you face in life. there are Cancer Herbs, Diabetes Herbs, Arthritis Herbs, Anxiety Herbs, Depression Herbs, Insomnia Herbs as well as Herbs for Sports and Fitness. You will find the best healing herbs to help your body perform at an optimum level and have you look and feel your best as well.


Herb Medicines are a construct of nature and/or God if you will. Actually Herbal Medicines are (and have always been) the basis for modern medicine. The only difference is that “modern medicine” extracts the “active ingredient” and discards the rest of the plant. Deepak Chopra a Harvard trained Medical Doctor as well as an Ayurvedic Healer, says that is like “taking some knowledge, but discarding the wisdom” of a living plant.


I began working with herbal remedies when modern medicine left me flat and did not have the answers to my personal health concerns at the time. I began studying modern medicine, but disagreed with the theory of endless treating, but never healing or curing anyone! I knew there was a better method and I discovered natural medicine (also called holistic medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine or integrative medicine).


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Holistic Medicine

I just refer to the whole area as holistic medicine, because it is not really alternative, as it’s the original medicine used for thousands of years. Holistic refers to the “whole” and seeks to bring the whole person back to a state of homeostasis or optimum balance. In that state peak health is achieved.


Holistic medicine includes Homeopathic Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, as well as many natural healing therapies and technologies. I was personally inspired by Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. Richard Schulze, and David Wolfe into the fascinating world of herb remedies.


I sure you’ll find just what you need on this site to help your body become balanced, energetic and in optimal health. Nature has an answer for every thing this world brings your way. Even the mainstream medical schools like Stanford University have seen and tested many natural herbal remedies for various conditions. Watch this presentation to see how holistic herbs can help you heal naturally from almost any condition you are facing:



Dr. John R. Christopher instituted the renaissance of herbal medicines in the 1900’s and he created the “incurables” program that he used to treat and cure many patients that traditional doctors could no longer help. Anyone fortunate enough to see him and follow his directions usually had miraculous recoveries from diseases and conditions that medical science said was “not curable.”


You can find more about Dr. Christopher’s and his “incurables program” recommended herbal remedies here: Dr. Christopher Herbs. I highly recommend his products as they heal when other methods have failed! 


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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies work well for children, adults and seniors. Even your beloved Pets can get help from nature to keep them healthy and happy. I have used them for my own dogs and cat. They are healthy and happy, and I haven’t had a vet visit since I had them licensed (years ago!) Check out: Pet Alive Natural Herbs.


Natural herbal formulas have far fewer side-effects than prescription medicines and are much safer when used as directed. They even work better most of the time. Try and get them as organic and wild-crafted if you can find them, as they will be much more effective and not have any chemical residues on them, like on non-organic varieties. You can even find organic vitamins and supplements online as well.


You can check out the latest specials for current discounts available at Discount Herbs. Get Healing and Wellness, not side effects! I hope we can make it as easy as possible for you, so you can just concentrate on becoming the best you can be in any situation.


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