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Dr. John Christopher



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Dr. John R. Christopher

Dr. John R. Christopher pioneered the modern return to the natural healing abilities of natural plant signatures. He cured himself from a young age (rheumatoid arthritis, decrepit body – he had to walk with a cane, hardened arteries). “Medical Doctors” said he would not live to the age of 30 years old. Well, Dr. Christopher proved otherwise.


Just like he did when he created the Incurables Program that cured advanced diseases and disorders, quickly and easily using all natural herbal remedies and formulas that came to him in flashes of profound intuition. Dr. Christopher stated that there are “no incurable diseases, only incurable patients.” If people would follow his recommendations they would get better, regardless of what their medical doctors told them.


Here is an original presentation by Dr. Christopher on how to use herbs to heal:



His formulas are nothing short of amazing. Non Toxic, no side effects, inexpensive and they just plain work. I recommend starting by using his Herbal Cleansing Extract kit, which he always recommended as a first line of protection. “You need to clean the storehouse before you rebuild it.” This step alone, brought relief and cured many diseases, even end stage advanced illnesses.



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Dr. John Christopher’s timeless passion is carried on by his son David, and another modern holistic physician – Dr. Richard Schulze. I highly recommend either of their formulas to heal everything from broken bones to broken hearts.


Dr. Schulze, and original student of Dr. Christopher has taken what he has learned and added some new formulations that help us in our current state of disease prevention and treatment. Here is one of his lectures:



Dr. Schulze, like his predecessor Dr. Christopher teaches “There is a solution for every challenge your have and I’d like to inspire you to always seek, and eventually you will find it.”


I particularly like and recommend his intestinal formulas as they stop the root or cause of many problems we are now facing with overuse of antibiotics, chemicals in our foods, and low nutritional value. These natural herbal formulas will help your body restore normal body function and lead to optimum health!



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